March 4th – Project As And When – New Books!

March 4th


March 4th already! This year is flying by. I’ve taken quite a few photos this week but they’ve mainly been for future blog posts like recipes and book displays. I’ve only got 3 I can share with you today.

Kaycee painted my nails and decorated them with little ball things. They annoyed the heck out of me and didn’t stay on very long!

March 4th - Kaycee decorated my nails

Ella dressed as a unicorn for World Book Day 🙂

Ella dressed as a unicorn for World Book Day

I did my usual volunteering on Tuesday morning at the charity shop and came home with more books!

More books from the charity shop

Pancake day. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have any because I was getting weighed the next morning!



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  1. Kim Carberry 11th March 2017 at 4:12 pm

    The nails are so pretty but the balls would annoy me too….
    hehehe! I love the World book day outfit. x

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