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New Book, Ella Selfies & Garden Work – Project As & When

new book, Ella selfies and garden work

New Book


new book 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz
new book

I bought another new book from the charity shop again this week! It sounds really good but I think I should have checked the reviews on Goodreads first because they’re not very enthusiastic about it. Oh well, I’ll read it and see 🙂

I found some Ella Selfies and had to share them. I think they’re some of her best ones 🙂

Ella selfie

Ella selfie

We managed to get some time out in the garden again this week. Well, I say we, Ant did most of the work! It was a hot weekend, weather-wise and I’m afraid it was too hot for me.
I did help move the huge pile of branches to the top of the garden and did some weeding on the rockery area around the pond.

While I was keeping cool inside, Ant was outside making a new bike shed. I’ll be posting more about it tomorrow 🙂


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