Woohoo!! We have frog spawn :oD

Frog Spawn

We have frog spawn!

frog spawn

Ant made me the pond last year because I’ve always wanted a wildlife pond for frogs. We started it in the spring last year and I’ve been eagerly awaiting spring this year after having quite a few frogs in the pond last summer.

I was getting jealous seeing lots of other people on a wildlife gardening Facebook group showing pictures of their spawn and they told me I just needed to be patient.

They were right!

I came home this afternoon after being at Slimming World this morning then a birthday lunch at a friend’s house, to find Ant had sent me a photo in an email.
You can imagine my excitement when I saw that we finally had frog spawn :oD

I can’t wait to see all the tadpoles. Ella was as excited as I was and we’re going to be checking on the spawn daily!

Frog spawn

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