A new bathroom Tile Mountain Bathroom Contest

You probably know I really dislike our downstairs shower room. It’s very pink and very 80s and I’ve had enough of it.

I’ve been wanting to save for a new one since we moved in but I haven’t had a chance yet because something or other always seems to need doing first so I’m entering Tile Mountain’s blogger contest to try and help me on the way to a new bathroom!

In case you haven’t seen my bathroom, here it is now:

Pink and white bathroom

When we moved in there was a rusty soap dish near the sink. I tried to get it off but the screw wouldn’t unscrew.
I ended up having to pull it off and I damaged the tile in the process.
Ella gave me one her Moshi thingys to cover the mess!

Broken tile

Moshi monster

I’ve made a Pinterest board with some of my favourite tile choices and some design ideas for inspiration.

I really like the Premium beige Slate effect range, namely the Bengal Winter wall tile and the Metro white.

I’m always browsing Pinterest trying to find my dream bathroom design and I’ve decided I want a countertop sink on a rustic unit. I did have white cabinets picked out with black counters but I want something less modern and with more character.

This bathroom, from one of my favourite lifestyle bloggers, Jenna Sue is gorgeous and I’d be over the moon with a bathroom like this!

Jenna Sue bathroom


Thanks to Tile Mountain for running this competition and good luck to all entrants 🙂

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