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Frogspawn 2018 :)

We had our first lot of frogspawn at the end of February last year. I wasn’t expecting any yet seeing as we had all that snow last week. I thought the frogs might have been put off but they’ve been very busy all day today!
Ant saw about 10 frogs at one point.

Frogspawn 2018

Frogspawn 2018

Frog in our pond

I love this time of year. Having frogs and frogspawn in the pond is the main reason we made it. I love having a wildlife pond in the back garden. We watch the birds having a bath in the waterfall while having our morning coffee 🙂

We have baby frogs :)

Baby Frogs

We still have loads of tadpoles in the pond, some with the start of legs, some still waiting for them but some have completely changed into tiny baby frogs.

Our wildlife pond is off to a great start. It was only made just over a year ago and this is our first spring.

They’re so cute!

Ella is as fascinated by the frogs as she is with the tadpoles. She keeps catching them because she loves holding them!
We have to be really careful when we’re mowing the lawn. I now get Ella to stay with me so she can keep picking them up so they don’t get squished.

Baby frogs

Baby frogs

Baby frogs

Woohoo!! We have frog spawn :oD

Frog Spawn

We have frog spawn!

frog spawn

Ant made me the pond last year because I’ve always wanted a wildlife pond for frogs. We started it in the spring last year and I’ve been eagerly awaiting spring this year after having quite a few frogs in the pond last summer.

I was getting jealous seeing lots of other people on a wildlife gardening Facebook group showing pictures of their spawn and they told me I just needed to be patient.

They were right!

I came home this afternoon after being at Slimming World this morning then a birthday lunch at a friend’s house, to find Ant had sent me a photo in an email.
You can imagine my excitement when I saw that we finally had frog spawn :oD

I can’t wait to see all the tadpoles. Ella was as excited as I was and we’re going to be checking on the spawn daily!

Frog spawn

Our froggy friends

froggy friends - Frog sticking head out of pond

Froggy Friends

As a child, I spent many happy hours at the pond catching newts or in the brook with my net, fishing for sticklebacks.
My favourite time of the year was spring because that’s when our froggy friends would appear. I’d get excited when I saw the frog spawn and would eagerly await the emergence of the tiny tadpoles.

Because of these happy memories, I’ve always longed for a wildlife pond of my own and earlier this year, the super wonderful husband made me a pond with a waterfall and stream.

froggy friends - Stone waterfall


Pond, waterfall and rockery

Today, while getting one of the borders ready for planting, we saw four frogs poking their heads out of the water.
As I stood watching them, I realised that I’ve now got exactly what I’ve wanted for so long and a feeling of contentment washed over me. I absolutely love my pond and can’t thank the S.W.H. enough for making it so perfect for me :o)

Frog in the water, next to the horsetail


Frog in water next to lily pad


Close up of frog in water next to horsetail plant


Frog poking from under lilypad


Frog in watercress at the edge of pond


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