Our froggy friends

froggy friends - Frog sticking head out of pond

Froggy Friends

As a child, I spent many happy hours at the pond catching newts or in the brook with my net, fishing for sticklebacks.
My favourite time of the year was spring because that’s when our froggy friends would appear. I’d get excited when I saw the frog spawn and would eagerly await the emergence of the tiny tadpoles.

Because of these happy memories, I’ve always longed for a wildlife pond of my own and earlier this year, the super wonderful husband made me a pond with a waterfall and stream.

froggy friends - Stone waterfall


Pond, waterfall and rockery

Today, while getting one of the borders ready for planting, we saw four frogs poking their heads out of the water.
As I stood watching them, I realised that I’ve now got exactly what I’ve wanted for so long and a feeling of contentment washed over me. I absolutely love my pond and can’t thank the S.W.H. enough for making it so perfect for me :o)

Frog in the water, next to the horsetail


Frog in water next to lily pad


Close up of frog in water next to horsetail plant


Frog poking from under lilypad


Frog in watercress at the edge of pond


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