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frog spawn

Frog Spawn – Garden Update

Frog Spawn

After making a start on the garden last Monday, it’s been left as it was ever since. I came down with an awful cold. It’s lasted longer than colds usually do although I am feeling much better today.
Yesterday Ant was in and out fixing a puncture on Aiden’s bike and he said he kept seeing movement in the pond. He wasn’t quick enough to see what it was but we assumed it was a frog.
He went and had a closer look and discovered about 5 clumps of frog spawn :oD

I was delighted and had to go and take photos! We saw 2 frogs, one stayed under the water while the other kept popping up and posing for a photo!

Frog Spawn

Frog Spawn

Frog Spawn

Frog Spawn


Frog spawn update and spring flowers

Frog Spawn Update

We got our first lot of frog spawn on 16th March then another lot on the 18th.

Frog spawn update
17th March

We checked on it today and you can see the changes happening, they’re no longer perfect little black dots, they’re more squiggly, as Ella described them!

25th March

It looks like we’ve had another fresh batch overnight as well :o) The new batch is in the middle of the photo and you can see the difference compared to the older batch which is to your right on the photo.


Spring is certainly here for sure now, we’ve even had the patio door open for a bit today and I turned the heating down below 21° earlier!
It’ll probably be turned back up again later but it felt good to turn it down for a while!



Dandelion flower

Yes, I know this is classed as a weed but I read that they’re good for the bumblebees so we’re leaving them alone this year 🙂

Woohoo!! We have frog spawn :oD

Frog Spawn

We have frog spawn!

frog spawn

Ant made me the pond last year because I’ve always wanted a wildlife pond for frogs. We started it in the spring last year and I’ve been eagerly awaiting spring this year after having quite a few frogs in the pond last summer.

I was getting jealous seeing lots of other people on a wildlife gardening Facebook group showing pictures of their spawn and they told me I just needed to be patient.

They were right!

I came home this afternoon after being at Slimming World this morning then a birthday lunch at a friend’s house, to find Ant had sent me a photo in an email.
You can imagine my excitement when I saw that we finally had frog spawn :oD

I can’t wait to see all the tadpoles. Ella was as excited as I was and we’re going to be checking on the spawn daily!

Frog spawn

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