Frog spawn update and spring flowers

Frog Spawn Update

We got our first lot of frog spawn on 16th March then another lot on the 18th.

Frog spawn update
17th March

We checked on it today and you can see the changes happening, they’re no longer perfect little black dots, they’re more squiggly, as Ella described them!

25th March

It looks like we’ve had another fresh batch overnight as well :o) The new batch is in the middle of the photo and you can see the difference compared to the older batch which is to your right on the photo.


Spring is certainly here for sure now, we’ve even had the patio door open for a bit today and I turned the heating down below 21° earlier!
It’ll probably be turned back up again later but it felt good to turn it down for a while!



Dandelion flower

Yes, I know this is classed as a weed but I read that they’re good for the bumblebees so we’re leaving them alone this year 🙂

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