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The Snow Didn’t Kill All The Frog Spawn :) My Sunday Photo

When the snow and ice came last month, I worried that the frogspawn was all going to be killed.
I did think about trying to do something to protect it, but it’s a wildlife pond. No one would be putting bubblewrap over frogspawn in a true wildlife pond so we decided to let nature do its thing.

Tadpoles 2018

tadpoles 2018

I’m happy to say we have hundreds of tadpoles 🙂 It’s hard to see them properly on the photo because they stay in a big clump for a while. You can see them all wriggling though, and it made me happy to see them this morning 🙂


Lots and lots of tadpoles – Sunday Photo

Lots and Lots of Tadpoles

I thought we had lots of tadpoles last year. This year we have lots and lots and lots more! I love them!

The goldfish you can see there isn’t in the pond anymore. Our next door neighbours sold their house and asked us if we could take 2 goldfish into our pond. We took them but then decided we wanted to keep the pond as a wildlife pond so we sent them down to my brother who has a goldfish pond in his back garden 🙂


I’ve always wanted a wildlife pond full of tadpoles and sitting in the warm spring sunshine, watching them swimming around and sunning themselves on the rocks made me feel very happy and content 🙂

We have baby frogs :)

Baby Frogs

We still have loads of tadpoles in the pond, some with the start of legs, some still waiting for them but some have completely changed into tiny baby frogs.

Our wildlife pond is off to a great start. It was only made just over a year ago and this is our first spring.

They’re so cute!

Ella is as fascinated by the frogs as she is with the tadpoles. She keeps catching them because she loves holding them!
We have to be really careful when we’re mowing the lawn. I now get Ella to stay with me so she can keep picking them up so they don’t get squished.

Baby frogs

Baby frogs

Baby frogs

Go away ducks! They’re My Tadpoles!

Go Away Ducks!

Ducks in the garden

I was excited, at first, when the pair of ducks flew into the garden and made their way to the pond.

Then I realised that they were there to eat the tadpoles and after getting a couple of photos, I got Kaycee to go outside so they’d fly away.

Ducks in the pond Go away Ducks

They visited again today so I sent Kaycee out again to make them fly away. Hopefully, they’ll get the message that they’re not welcome at our pond.
I feel a bit bad for frightening them away. We made the pond specifically for the frogs, though, and we love watching the tadpoles swimming around 🙂

Frog spawn update and spring flowers

Frog Spawn Update

We got our first lot of frog spawn on 16th March then another lot on the 18th.

Frog spawn update
17th March

We checked on it today and you can see the changes happening, they’re no longer perfect little black dots, they’re more squiggly, as Ella described them!

25th March

It looks like we’ve had another fresh batch overnight as well :o) The new batch is in the middle of the photo and you can see the difference compared to the older batch which is to your right on the photo.


Spring is certainly here for sure now, we’ve even had the patio door open for a bit today and I turned the heating down below 21° earlier!
It’ll probably be turned back up again later but it felt good to turn it down for a while!



Dandelion flower

Yes, I know this is classed as a weed but I read that they’re good for the bumblebees so we’re leaving them alone this year 🙂

Pond update

Pond Update – Ant spent last weekend and most of this week digging and lining our new pond. I can’t believe how much he got done, I expected it to take a lot longer!

He’s suffering now though, he’s aching everywhere! I reckon he’s going to be having lots of long soaks in a nice hot bath!

Ant digging the pond


preparing the pond


rocks for the pond


Ant digging out the pond


Pond being dug out


Pond before liner goes in


Pond liner being filled with water
Pond liner being filled with water


Pond lining and stream bed
This part is going to be my little stream :o)

We ordered a 6×6 metre pond liner from PondKeeper  and got free underlay with it 🙂 With the postage included it cost less than £60

Ant also ordered a new pump which should hopefully be delivered today. I’m so excited!


Finally made a start on the pond :oD

I’ve been putting it off for weeks now and today I finally decided to get out there and move some of the flowers from the border where the pond is going to be.
You can see it’s overgrown with weeds and grass but the primroses are lovely and I didn’t want to just chuck them away.

Spring flower border before being dug up for pond
Oh dear, I’ve only just realised I didn’t tidy all the stuff on the patio before taking the photo! Please ignore the broken chair, tipped over plastic chairs and general mess!

I marked out the border edge with the spade then removed all the grass. I dug it over, removing all the weeds that I could so it became a clearly defined border again.

Garden before flower border
Before – you’d never know a border had even been here the way the grass had overtaken it!

Then I dug up the primroses, forget me nots and some lily bulbs from the other border….

Garden before pond

and replanted them in the newly dug border 🙂

flower border

I’m not sure what to plant here for interest and colour when after the primrose flowers have gone. I think I need to go and consult Sir Google!

Ella’s been outside taking photos and she was delighted to see the return of the bleeding heart flowers, as was I and I love the forget-me-nots 🙂

Bleeding hearts


Forget me nots


Exciting garden plans afoot :D

It’s safe to say the new garden has been neglected these last few months because we’ve had a lot to do in the house. So it´s time to put on my working boots and take out the leaf blower, lawnmower, and all my gardening tools.

The borders aren’t doing too bad but they’re definitely in need of weeding and talking of weeds, the vegetable garden is absolutely full of them.

No Vegetable Garden!

I had planned to keep the vegetable garden and grow our own veg for Christmas dinner but I know deep down that I’ll get fed up and want to grow pretty flowers instead! I also want a water feature and after talking it over with Ant, we’ve decided that the vegetable patch will become my part of the garden where I can potter about in the greenhouse, plant up hanging baskets and pots in my potting shed and have a place to just sit and enjoy the water.

Exciting Garden Plans

So here are our plans for what is going to be a very big garden project 🙂

exciting garden plans

Wildlife Pond & Waterfall

I’ve been spending a huge amount of time on Pinterest looking for the perfect waterfall, stream and pond. I want something like this….


I’ve put a bridge on the plan but after seeing the stepping stone on the above photos I think I’d prefer that.
I want it to end in a small wildlife pond where hopefully, I’ll get some frogs moving in and making it home 🙂

Shed Plans

I’m going to be prettying up our sheds and I’m using these photos for inspiration…

Found on Pinterest but unsure of original source. Happy to add copyright information.
Again, found on Pinterest and unsure of original source. Happy to add copyright information.

Fun Pathways

I want some fun paths so again I turned to Pinterest and here’s the design I’ve picked 🙂

Again, found on Pinterest and unsure of original source. Happy to add copyright information.

I’m sure we’ve already got enough wood to make this path and a small patio, thanks to Ant never throwing stuff away! I’m going to be using Cuprinol pastel garden shades to paint the wood pieces and I’m thinking of filling in between the wood with small stones.

I’m really excited to get started but I’m also wondering where to start because it really is quite a mess at the moment!

Getting Rid Of Rubbish

I’m going to be spending the weekend clearing and sorting rubbish then digging up the bricks from the other greenhouse the previous owner used to have.
Ant’s going to sort out what preparation needs doing to move the sheds and greenhouse then I’ll work on any jobs I can do while he’s at work.

The kids are happy that I’m leaving all of the lawn alone because the lawn we had at the old house was tiny and they said I took up too much space in the garden with my flowers!
They love having a big lawn to play on.

So there we have it, big plans for our wonderful new big garden and I can’t wait to get started 🙂

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