Come dine with me – Ella’s night

The girls love playing, Come Dine With Me, they picked it as one of their summer bucket list activities. When we first played, we started off with them making a course each (when Aiden was here) and we’d score each course. Now they want to make the whole three courses themselves and arrange the entertainment for the evening! First, it’s Ella’s night.

Ella did her night first. She served pea and ham soup with home made bread rolls for the starter, cheese and bacon salad for the main and cupcakes for dessert. Her theme was Halloween so she decorated her cupcakes with black icing and silver sprinkles.

For her entertainment, we had to sing along to the Ghostbusters theme tune, This is Halloween, from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Monster Mash.

We have Granddad over for dinner on Thursday so he got to experience the Come Dine With Me night and he really got into singing Ghostbusters, which made everyone laugh 🙂

Candles on dinner table


Ella's menu


pea and ham soup



Cheese and bacon salad


Ant, Kaycee and Ella eating dinner




Ella's night - Karaoke after dinner


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  1. Cheryl Pasquier 23rd August 2015 at 6:03 pm

    What a fantastic idea – Ella did a great job (and so did Grandad !!)

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