Our day at Mablethorpe

We’d planned to go to Skegness for the day but the traffic was busy and after seeing 10 cars take the exit to Skegness and only 3 take the exit to Mablethorpe, we went to Mablethorpe!

Mablethorpe is quieter than Skeggy and I used to go on holiday there with my family when I was younger so I’ve always preferred it.
We’re going for a week during October half term and we’re all really looking forward to it 🙂

Kaycee at Ella at Mablethorpe
KayCee and Ella posing nicely for me!


Fish chips and mushy peas at the beach
Fish, chips and mushy peas with loads of salt and vinegar – no better place to eat this delicious food than sitting on the beach!


Kaycee and Ella eating chips on the beach
KayCee and Ella enjoying lunch


Kaycee on the beach, eating ice cream
You have to have an ice cream when on the beach, it’s the law!


Ella eating ice cream on the beach
Ice cream kisses!


Kaycee burying Ella in the sand
KayCee buried Ella in the sand


Crabs in a bucket
Ella loves going crabbing


Kaycee and Ella on the beach
Taking the crabs back to the sea


Ella looking for crabs
Ella searching for crabs


Kaycee and Ella in the sea
KayCee having a paddle


Kaycee in the sea
KayCee in the sea


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