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2018 Summer Bucket List

It’s that time again; our 2018 Summer Bucket List is complete, but unlike other years, KayCee and Ella haven’t been that excited about it. We would usually have had it finished a few weeks before the summer holidays start but they only started thinking of […]

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Updated Summer Bucket List

Updated Summer Bucket List


The summer holidays are nearly over. The girls are off to Disneyland Paris on Saturday and don’t get back until late Wednesday night so we’ll only have just under a week left before they go back to school.

I thought it would be a good time to update the bucket list and see what we have left to do 🙂

  1. Write a letter to your future self
  2. Create a time capsule
  3. Set up a taco bar in the garden for dinner
  4. Trip to the seaside – We’re not going to get time to go to the seaside so we’re going to go in the next school holidays.
  5. Ice cream and doughnuts for breakfast
  6. Chocolate fondue nightDone and the girls loved it!
  7. Tie-dye a T-shirt – Done  – Click here 🙂
  8. Eat from a food truck
  9. Go to IKEA
  10. Come Dine With Me
  11. Stargaze – Done – there was a meteor shower on August 12th and we got to see quite a few shooting stars! 🙂
  12. Have a Disney movie marathon – We managed to watch Lion King 2 and Moana. We’ll probably try for a better marathon later in the week!
  13. Go to Starbucks – Done. We each had a caramel popcorn frappuccino and it was delicious.
  14. Take a picture every day – failed!
  15. International dinner week
  16. Watch Despicable Me 3 – Done – We went to the Kinema In The Woods and had a lovely time 🙂
  17. Make summer smoothies
  18. Make S’Mores
  19. Go To Daisy Made – Done – We took Nanny with us as she’d never been 🙂
  20. Make Ice Cream Sundaes – Done
  21. Have a games afternoon

Ice cream sundae updated summer bucket list

Getting a caramel popcorn frappuccino from Starbucks


Kaycee & Ella’s Summer Bucket List 2017

Summer Bucket List 2017


We love Summer Bucket List time 🙂 We don’t always get everything done but it’s great to have things to plan and look forward to.

  1. Write a letter to your future self
  2. Create a time capsule
  3. Set up a taco bar in the garden for dinner
  4. Trip to the seaside
  5. Ice cream and doughnuts for breakfast
  6. Chocolate fondue night
  7. Tie-dye a T-shirt – Done  – Click here 🙂
  8. Eat from a food truck
  9. Go to IKEA
  10. Come Dine With Me
  11. Stargaze – Done – there was a meteor shower on August 12th and we got to see quite a few shooting stars! 🙂
  12. Have a Disney movie marathon – We managed to watch Lion King 2 and Moana. We’ll probably try for a better marathon later in the week!
  13. Go to Starbucks
  14. Take a picture every day – failed!
  15. International dinner week
  16. Watch Despicable Me 3 – Done – We went to the Kinema In The Woods and had a lovely time 🙂
  17. Make summer smoothies
  18. Make S’Mores
  19. Go To Daisy Made – Done – We took Nanny with us as she’d never been 🙂
  20. Make Ice Cream Sundaes
  21. Have a games afternoon

summer bucket list ice cream sundaes

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S’mores – Summer bucket list

Making s’mores

Kaycee and Ella chose to make s’mores as one of their summer bucket list items this year. We figured we’d be making them on the BBQ like last time but daddy went one better and made an excellent campfire 🙂

s'mores campfire

Kaycee organised everything (she takes after her sister, Kellyann when it comes to getting everything and everyone organised!) and showed everyone how to build the s’mores.

s'mores ingredients
She got a piece of tin foil and put a chocolate digestive biscuit on first. Then she put a long stick  resting on the biscuit and sticking out of the tinfoil.

making s'mores

Chocolate chunks were added to the biscuit (she wanted extra chocolate!) then 3 marshmallows were put on top of the chocolate.
It was topped with another biscuit and the tinfoil was then wrapped tightly around everything, paying particular attention to the stick so that it didn’t drop off when it was held over the fire.


Kaycee and Ella had a friend over to stay for the night and they’d all been to dinner at Grandad’s. Instead of having dessert at Grandad’s, they came home for s’mores and it seemed everyone really enjoyed them.


Kaycee put hers right in the embers because she wanted the marshmallows to melt more but she left it a little too long. The biscuit got a black on the edges!

making s'mores

Kaycee made Grandad’s s’more for him 🙂

granddad came for s'mores

I tried toasting a marshmallow (I’d not had toasted marshmallow before!) but it didn’t work very well. I accidently touched the embers and burnt it a bit. Ant made me another and it was perfect :o)

toasted marshmallows for s'mores

It was a lovely evening and we’re now planning on making a permanent fire pit in the garden. We want to sit out more often toasting marshmallows!

campfire for s'mores


Summer Bucket List Time!

It’s that time of year again! The girls love making a summer bucket list and have been looking forward to making this one for ages.



This summer we would like to:

  • Have ice cream for breakfast – DONE – They had pancakes and ice cream the morning after Kaycee’s birthday sleepover 🙂
  • Have an Eskimoo
  • Go to Hubbard’s Hill
  • Make smores – DONE – We invited Grandad round for Smores 🙂
  • Go swimming at NK – DONE – Ant took them and they all had a wonderful time, by all accounts.
  • Go to Mablethorpe and eat fish and chips and warm doughnuts and ice cream and fresh prawns
  • Have a movie night with popcorn – DONE – We watched a movie picked by the girls called, Pants on Fire on Netflix
  • Have traditional meals from different countries
  • Make campfire twists
  • Make apple and cherryade floats
  • Play Come Dine With Me – We didn’t get it done in the holidays but we still plan to do it in the next couple of weeks.
  • Make paper dolls
  • Lie on the grass at night and look at the stars – DONE – they slept under the stars, no tent in sight!
  • Have a family games night – DONE – Well, we had a family games afternoon but without the super wonderful husband as he had to work. We played Cluedo and Monopoly Millionaire 🙂
  • Go to Daisy Made – We changed this one to – Make ice cream sundaes – we bought lots of lovely ice cream, sprinkles, sauce and a Flake each 🙂

One last item

This last one is copied from the lovely Kim over at Northumberland Mam.

Make ice cream in a bag Kaycee tried this a couple of times but she ended up with milkshake instead!

I get Kim’s blog posts delivered to my email every day. I’m always amazed how alike we seem to be. I often nod along when she’s describing something her youngest has done. I think to myself that it sounds just like something Ella would do!

I’m really looking forward to the summer holidays. I just have to wait for the girls to get back from the various places they’re visiting for the first 2 weeks….. I have 2 child-free weeks ahead, whatever shall I do with myself?!

Come Dine With Me – Kaycee’s night

It was Kaycee’s turn to cook a three course meal for our second Come Dine With Me night and we invited granddad again.

Come Dine With Me - Kaycee's night
Ant, Granddad and Ella at the dinner table

Kaycee’s 2 years older than Ella and she made 95% of the meal herself. She served an open sandwich with apple chutney, cheese and ham, garnished with a cherry tomato, ham and cheese mini kebab for her starter.
She was supposed to be making bread with her dad but he had to go on a call out. When she realised he’d gone and they hadn’t made bread, she said, ‘it’s fine, I can make it on my own’, so she did!

Open ham cheese and apple chutney sandwich

It was absolutely gorgeous.

For her main meal, she made sticky chicken, buttered new potatoes and a side salad.

Sticky chicken, potatoes and salad

Her dessert was a homemade brownie with caramel cream sauce and it was To. Die. For.

Chocolate brownie with a sparkler stuck in
Ella loving her chocolate brownie with sparkler

Ant doesn’t usually bother much with desserts but even he wanted seconds!

We all really enjoyed Kaycee’s games evening after dinner. We played Beetle first, which granddad won, followed by pontoon.

After dinner games
Kaycee shuffling the cards
Betting money envelope
We used Monopoly money to bet with 🙂

With just a 2 point lead, Kaycee won the competition, again! If you want to try real betting, you can try your luck on Asian version of sbobet.”

Click to see Ella’s night.

Come dine with me – Ella’s night

The girls love playing, Come Dine With Me, they picked it as one of their summer bucket list activities. When we first played, we started off with them making a course each (when Aiden was here) and we’d score each course. Now they want to make the whole three courses themselves and arrange the entertainment for the evening! First, it’s Ella’s night.

Ella did her night first. She served pea and ham soup with home made bread rolls for the starter, cheese and bacon salad for the main and cupcakes for dessert. Her theme was Halloween so she decorated her cupcakes with black icing and silver sprinkles.

For her entertainment, we had to sing along to the Ghostbusters theme tune, This is Halloween, from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Monster Mash.

We have Granddad over for dinner on Thursday so he got to experience the Come Dine With Me night and he really got into singing Ghostbusters, which made everyone laugh 🙂

Candles on dinner table


Ella's menu


pea and ham soup



Cheese and bacon salad


Ant, Kaycee and Ella eating dinner




Ella's night - Karaoke after dinner


Our day at Mablethorpe

We’d planned to go to Skegness for the day but the traffic was busy and after seeing 10 cars take the exit to Skegness and only 3 take the exit to Mablethorpe, we went to Mablethorpe!

Mablethorpe is quieter than Skeggy and I used to go on holiday there with my family when I was younger so I’ve always preferred it.
We’re going for a week during October half term and we’re all really looking forward to it 🙂

Kaycee at Ella at Mablethorpe
KayCee and Ella posing nicely for me!


Fish chips and mushy peas at the beach
Fish, chips and mushy peas with loads of salt and vinegar – no better place to eat this delicious food than sitting on the beach!


Kaycee and Ella eating chips on the beach
KayCee and Ella enjoying lunch


Kaycee on the beach, eating ice cream
You have to have an ice cream when on the beach, it’s the law!


Ella eating ice cream on the beach
Ice cream kisses!


Kaycee burying Ella in the sand
KayCee buried Ella in the sand


Crabs in a bucket
Ella loves going crabbing


Kaycee and Ella on the beach
Taking the crabs back to the sea


Ella looking for crabs
Ella searching for crabs


Kaycee and Ella in the sea
KayCee having a paddle


Kaycee in the sea
KayCee in the sea


Making ice cream floats for the first time

Ice cream floats - summer fun header

The girls made ice cream floats from our summer bucket list and we all really enjoyed them. It’s the first time we’ve ever tried them and I’m now wondering why?!

On a different topic, I went and uploaded the above video to Kaycee’s YouTube channel, not realising that this would be her first upload and apparently, I’ve ruined her YouTube career!

I did this by not knowing she was planning to make a video to introduce herself to YouTube by saying, ‘hi guys, this is my first ever YouTube video. Hope you like it!’
She’s probably going to have to make a whole new one now!

Summer Bucket List – Update

We’ve only got a couple of weeks of the summer holidays left. It’s gone really quickly and I’m not looking forward to getting back into the school routine. We’ve managed a few things on our summer bucket list  so I thought I’d do a summer bucket list update :0)

Summer bucket list update - KayCee and Ella playing in the water
  1. Go to Hubbard’s Hills – DONE – We took the grandchildren :o)
  2. Go to Skegness (or Skegvegas as Ella calls it!) and have fish and chips and warm doughnuts – We went to Mablethorpe instead
  3. Have a movie night – We watched Willow.
  4. Have a family games night – We’ve had a few of these and Kaycee wants another because she loves games nights!
  5. Go Geocaching – We found one that had eluded us last time we went looking for it!
  6. Make apple/cherryade floats – We made mango and Fizzio floats.
  7. Host a barbeque – We finally got the patio cleared of all Ant’s things out of the garage (post to follow) and had family round for a lovely BBQ :o)
  8. Make ice cream – Kaycee made a gorgeous salted caramel ice cream that she served on her come dine with me night
  9. Go to Daisy Made, have ice cream and play crazy golf – This is planned for the last day of the holidays
  10. Make jelly slices – Kaycee’s going to do this but not sure when.
  11. Go and watch the Minions Movie – We haven’t managed this yet and I’m not sure if the movie is still on at the cinema so we’ve decided to wait till it’s out on dvd and go see something else at the cinema.
  12. Go camping with daddy – Not sure if they’ll get to do this with daddy but they are going camping this weekend with other family members instead 🙂
  13. Make a summer reading list – We didn’t manage this but the girls have been reading their own books to themselves.
  14. Go on a picnic – We took a picnic to Hubbard’s Hills
  15. Make paper dolls – Another we haven’t done yet but we have a few days left.
  16. Have a ‘Come Dine With Me‘ night – Both girls did their own night (see above for Kaycee’s link) and invited Granddad round – Ella’s night.
  17. Watch Frozen and sing along (Ella will love this. Kaycee, not so much!)
  18. Make ice cream sundaes – Kaycee’s got some more ice cream ingredients and she wants to do a blog post so watch this space for the link 🙂
  19. Lie on the grass at night and look at the stars – We’ve not had much luck with the stars but I got some excellent photos of the moon.
  20. Have a water balloon fight – We didn’t get chance to do this. There’s always next year!
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