Before and after – Built in Bookcases :)

Earlier this year the super wonderful husband made me some built-in bookcases in the alcoves at the side of the fireplace.

I’d been fawning over photos of built-in bookcases on Pinterest and couldn’t wait for ours to be done.
As you can see from the post I linked up, it’s taken quite a few months for us to finish the project! That post is from March and we’ve only just got them painted.

I’m even more in love with them now they’ve been painted and are not stuffed to the gills with books!
We’ve had to put up ten more shelves and get another small bookcase to accommodate all the books we took off the built-in shelves and we’re still struggling for book space but that’s what happens when you have two people who love books so much, they can’t get rid of them 🙂


Before - Built-in bookcases


After - built-in bookcase


Before - built-in bookcases


After - Built-in bookcases



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  2. Jo Hutchinson 3rd December 2014 at 11:56 am

    It looks amazing, you must be so pleased.

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