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Redecorating the living room – finally!

I started planning on decorating the living room in January when Christmas was over. Once the decorations come down I start feeling like I want to change things in the house. The living room is first on the list, closely followed by the bathroom.

Redecorating The Living Room

We painted all the rooms magnolia when we moved in just to make it easier and faster. We planned on decorating properly within a couple of years but that didn’t happen.
I vowed that this would be the year and since we bought a new (to us) 3 piece suite from the charity shop I figured it was a good reason to decorate. Our old sofa suite was cream leather and looked really lovely. It was great because we could use any colour but the downside was the temperature.

It was always cold when I first sat down in the morning. I’m a person who is cold 99% of the time. Having to sit on a cold chair when I had just woken up wasn’t good for me!
In Summer I had the other problem of sticking to the chair if I wore strappy tops because the leather would make me sweat.

New Sofa Suite

When I saw our lovely cream and light green 3 piece suite at the charity shop I had to have it. We’d been looking for a 3 piece suite that had a 2 seater sofa instead of a 3 seater. We wanted to swap the room around so Ant and I could share the sofa instead of sitting next to each other on chairs and this set was perfect.

The problem we then had was the red theme of the room. You’ve all heard the saying, red and green should never be seen except upon a fool, I take it?
I couldn’t ignore the red and green colours any longer!

green glass bowls and candles

Bargain Wallpaper and Curtains

We got some great bargains on the wallpaper, curtains and throws.
The wallpaper was marked at half price on the shelf. When we got it to the checkout it had been marked down to half price again so we got it for £2.50 a roll instead of £10 a roll.

The curtains were also on sale so instead of paying £29.99 for the large pair and £14.99 for the small pair, we got both pairs £14.49. I was very happy with my bargains!

There are many home decor retailers and online stores who deal in living room curtains. To order the living room curtains, first determine that either the store or online shop offers what you need and place the order to satisfy your needs.

decorating the living room


Nanny has some lovely crystal chandeliers in her hall which inspired me to look for some for our living room. We have two ceiling lights in the room. The one over the dining table is a ceiling fan light which is great in Summer.
After looking at lots of different styles I decided a chandelier and a ceiling fan just wasn’t going to look right. We ordered a similar ceiling fan and Ant fitted it the next day.

I still wanted some lights and crystals in the living room so when I saw some twig lights with hanging crystal decorations I snapped them up! They’re really pretty and look lovely on the fireplace hearth.
I needed some vases to put them but couldn’t find any I liked until I saw some glass jars in Asda. I filled them with green glass stones to hold the twig lights. I’m really pleased with them and can’t wait to finish the decorating so I can start using them!

twig lights

glass jar


We don’t have a door into the hall as we took it off to make more room in the living room. This means the living room kinds of flows into the hall.
Ant suggested we should paint the hall the same colour as the living room. We’re going to count it all as one big decorating job. This means we’re going to need new lighting which also means I can have Crystal hall lighting instead of in the living room 🙂

Candles and Succulents

Last year when we were making the raised bed in the garden I fell in love with succulent plants. While shopping for new candles for the fireplace I noticed the trend this year seems to be fake succulents. I was tempted to buy some for the fireplace hearth but decided real plants would be a much better option so I bought 3.

They’re lovely and I’m going to take cuttings so I can get more plants for free 🙂

succulents and candles

Now the only thing we need to do is to save for a smart TV and look into buying a smart home hub. Ant likes his technology so we’ve been looking at which smart TV to get and the smart home hub will let him control everything from his phone 🙂

Garden Decor – I’ve Got A Birthday Coming Up!

Garden Decor


My birthday is fast approaching and people have started asking what I want for it. With so much going on in the garden right now, my wishlist is going to be made up of mainly garden items! I can’t wait for the garden to be done and one of the things I love buying is garden ornaments.
Last year, for my birthday, I had lots of garden centre vouchers. I had to stop myself spending them all on ornaments! I knew we’d be doing lots of renovations in the garden and we’d be needing building materials and plants.

Garden Ornaments

I didn’t manage to save them all, though. I couldn’t resist buying a unicorn ornament for the raised bed we built!

Ella and I are planning on dotting little fairy gardens around because we love gardens where you can notice something new each time you visit. It’s not all about fairies, though. We love frogs as well!
All the ornaments would be perfect for our plans 🙂
I’ve seen loads of garden ornaments on UncommonGoods that I would love. I’ve tried to just pick my favourites but it was very hard to leave some out!

zen frogs garden ornaments

Wooden ducks garden ornaments caterpillar garden ornament fairy garden ornaments hanging fairy garden ornament

If you prefer your ornaments to be indoors rather than out, they have a fabulous range of homeware available. I especially love the Succulent Living Wall Planter; I have a thing for succulents at the moment!

While looking for a new rug for the patio door, I saw this one and had to laugh!

The neighbour has better stuff doormat

I’d never be able to buy it, though; I’d feel so guilty if one of my neighbours actually got burgled!
You can find lots more lovely mats and rugs here.


I’ve written about UncommonGoods before when I was doing a Christmas wishlist. As a company, they really impress me with all they do to support artists and small businesses. They also do all they can to help the environment which in this day and age, is very important.

Here’s a little bit more about them:

Garden Decor UncommonGoods


This is a collaborative post

Choosing new bedding and bedspreads

Choosing new bedding header

We recently changed the colour scheme of our bedroom from pink to teal (blog post to come soon with before and after photos) so I bought a lovely duvet set to use with our feather winter duvet. At the moment, though, it’s too hot for a duvet and we’re still using the summer bedspread, which is pink!

I love the new colour scheme and I don’t like having the pink bedspread on so I’ve been checking out Google to find some affordable, teal coloured, bedspreads.

I found some lovely ones on Freeman’s catalogue website

New Bedding - Eggshell blue throwover
Chepstow Bedspread


New Bedding - floral throwover
Camberley Bedspread

I like the second one best I think because the teal is darker which will match the new lamps better but I like the softness of the first and I think it will still look nice.

I found a couple of neutral bedspreads on Yorkshire Linen which I think would be a great choice because if I get fed up of the teal, I’ll only have to change the accessories which would make for a much cheaper bedroom transformation!

New Bedding - white bedding
Julia Bedspread Cream


New Bedding - silver bedding
Julia Bedspread Silver

Another of my favourite places to shop is Ebay. I can usually find some great bargains on there but before I buy I always do a Google search to see if it’s cheaper elsewhere (usually on Amazon!) because I’ve been caught out before thinking that because it’s Ebay it’ll be cheaper but it’s not always the case.

I can’t wait to show you my before and after photos. The blog post will be coming soon, hopefully 🙂

This is a collaborative post.


Before and after – Built in Bookcases :)

Earlier this year the super wonderful husband made me some built-in bookcases in the alcoves at the side of the fireplace.

I’d been fawning over photos of built-in bookcases on Pinterest and couldn’t wait for ours to be done.
As you can see from the post I linked up, it’s taken quite a few months for us to finish the project! That post is from March and we’ve only just got them painted.

I’m even more in love with them now they’ve been painted and are not stuffed to the gills with books!
We’ve had to put up ten more shelves and get another small bookcase to accommodate all the books we took off the built-in shelves and we’re still struggling for book space but that’s what happens when you have two people who love books so much, they can’t get rid of them 🙂


Before - Built-in bookcases


After - built-in bookcase


Before - built-in bookcases


After - Built-in bookcases


Argos Colour Campaign

Aiden’s planning on living with his dad when he’s 16 in a couple of years time. I’m used to him being away at his dad’s and while I will be sad that he won’t be living here anymore, I’ll be fine with it because I know it’s what he wants.

The girls have already planned that Ella’s having Aiden’s room!

Kaycee wants our room because it has the built in wardrobe and cupboard storage and Ella want’s Aiden’s because she likes his high bed with the desk underneath!

Kaycee wants her room decorated blue. She’s had something against pink for a while now. Maybe I overloaded her with it from the moment she was born!

When Aiden moves, Kaycee will be 11 so I’ve been picking furniture and accessories that are a little more grown-up than she has now.

Argos colour campaign

I thought a daybed would be great for her. She’s always been older than her years and I know she’d love it because it’ll make her feel more grown up.

Argos colour campaign

She’s very good at keeping her room tidy, unlike Ella and I know she’d make sure everything was kept in the right place!
It’s a nice calming colour, perfect for Kaycee.

For Ella, I’ve picked bright pinks and greens. She still loves pink and she’s always on the go. Bright vibrant colours suit her personality best 🙂

There isn’t much storage in Aiden’s room which is fine for a boy who’s not really into clothes but it’s no good for a girl who loves them so she’ll need a new bed with wardrobe space as well as another set of drawers.
I love the pink and green storage baskets. They’ll be perfect for all her collections 🙂


This post is my entry for the Argos Colour Campaign.


Nearly there….new kitchen!

My super wonderful husband has worked non stop for days on our kitchen and it’s nearly done 😀

The units are in, the counters are in and the shelves are up. Tomorrow he’s going to be making a start on the tiling and he has a couple of cupboard doors to make.
I started unpacking and putting stuff away yesterday then today I got to do the fun part….dressing the shelves and deciding where my new pictures and things were going to go 🙂

I found some gorgeous tea cups and saucers when we were sorting through all Ant’s boxes that have been in the loft for the last 10 years and I couldn’t believe we’d had them all that time and I hadn’t seen them!
I absolutely love them and they were the first items I put on the new shelves.

The shelves need re-painting but I’m waiting until the summer holidays when the kids are away with family before I do all the painting that needs doing. I’ve got loads of shelves and the new bookcases either side of the fireplace to paint and it’s easier to do that when there are no kids about.

I can’t wait to share my before and after photos. It feels like we’ve been without a kitchen for ever and that light at the end of the tunnel is quickly getting brighter.

Here’s a little peek at one of my new purchases 🙂


Maybe a kitchen hurrah instead of a woe!

If you saw my post yesterday you’ll know all about our kitchen!

After some comments about shopping around I checked out Ikea and other places.

Our dream would be to have a brand new kitchen, fully fitted by professionals but the budget won’t stretch to that just yet so we were looking at the cheapest options we could find when I remembered Argos had fitted kitchen packages.

After lots of measuring and working out, we reckon we could have a new kitchen, fitted by us for around £700.
If we can save that before July 24th this year it’ll only be £600 because Argos have a special offer on where you can save £105 off the Athina 5 piece package when you buy another Athina item 🙂

Here’s what we’ll get for our money…


The sink is included in the package 🙂

Considering that at the moment all we have is a small wall cupboard, a corner wall cupboard, a single base cupboard under the sink and a corner base cupboard, oh and a small base cupboard that only has one door because it was part of the fitted hob unit which we had to remove, the storage we’ll get from the above will be wonderful!

Our plan at the moment is to install open shelving on all available space but if we can plan on getting this before July to take advantage of the offer then I’ll only put shelves up that I know are going to be in place long term because I don’t want to ruin the wallpaper we’ll be putting up soon!

I’m started to feel excited about the kitchen again!

Even if it’s not brilliant quality it’ll be fine until we can save enough to have a kitchen installed professionally 🙂

Shower room – Before and After

This is our new, girly pink, downstairs shower room and we love it 🙂 Aiden, not so much!










There are two things I would have done differently if I were decorating this room again…..I would have bought the silvery lino and gorgeous pink flowery towels I saw in B&M when we first started shopping for the new house.

We decided to use the blue and white lino in the kitchen, upstairs toilet and bathroom and decided that it made sense to take it from the kitchen and into the hall and shower room.
I do like the lino and there is a bit of blue in the flower pattern on the tiles so it’s not completely out of place but I think the silvery lino would have made it perfect for me.

I can’t see the towels I liked on the website so I’m not sure if they still have them but I’ll have another look next time I go, just in case!

We’re going to be decorating the kitchen over the weekend so hopefully by this time next week I’ll have a kitchen again and it might start feeling like we’re actually getting somewhere!


New bathroom and toilet (Before and after photos)

The keys to the old house have been handed in today finally and thankfully! so I can now start to get this house organised into a proper home 🙂

We cut it very fine with the old house; Ant and I finally finished the cleaning close to 10pm last night and we were exhausted.
It was thanks to my family that we managed to get everything done and words cannot express how grateful we are to them all.

So on to the decorating!

We’ve decorated the whole house except for the kitchen, which had a bit of a disaster when we found out it needed completely re-wiring. The kitchen is the next priority now we’re finished at the old house and after having a rest day today, I’ll be making a start in there 🙂

I finally got the upstairs bathroom done after Ant got rid of the rest of that wallpaper and it looks so much brighter now it’s painted white.
I still have to get all the red grout out and re-grout it with white but that’s a job for another day, when the kitchen’s been sorted!







The toilet is tiny and it was painted a dark lilac colour. We painted it magnolia and it looks much better.

I’ll be back, soon hopefully, with the bedroom and shower room photos 🙂


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