Fruity Friday – Week 3 Banana & Mango Shake

Welcome to week three of my Day Zero Challenge to cook my way through a cookbook. Today we’re making Banana Mango shake.

You can find the details on the original post, Fruity Friday.

Our third recipe is:

Banana Mango Shake


banana mango shakeServes 2
Half a ripe mango
1 small banana, sliced
150ml (5 fl oz) semi skimmed milk
120ml (4 fl oz) orange juice
2 tsp lime juice
1 tsp caster sugar
2 heaped tbsp vanilla frozen yogurt
Sprigs of fresh lemon balm to decorate (optional)
1) Peel the skin from the mango and cut the flesh away from the stone. Chop the flesh roughly. Put into a blender with the banana.

2) Add the milk, orange juice, lime juice, sugar and frozen yogurt and blend on maximum for 30 seconds or until mixed and frothy.

3) Pour into glasses and serve immediately, decorated with sprigs of lemon balm if you like.

Each serving provides:

150 kcal
5 g protein
2 g fat (of which saturated fat 1 g)
30 g carbohydrate (of which sugars 29 g)
1 g fibre

Family verdict:

Ella making banana mango shakeWe all loved it except for KayCee. She didn’t actually say she didn’t like it but she put it in the fridge saying she’d have it later and it’s still there so I think we can safely assume she’s not keen.
She did enjoy helping to make it though, especially when it came to eating the left over vanilla yogurt!
KayCee making banana mango shakeIt didn’t take them both long to empty the tub and I reckon they’ll probably be asking me me to buy more the next time they see me doing my Tesco order!


We left out the citrus juices after the results of our first recipe as I knew the tang would put the children off.
The banana also seemed to overpower the flavour of the mango so I think next time we’ll add more mango.
KayCee pouring banana mango shakeIt was extremely nice and we’ll be making more of these. Ella wants to make mango milkshake because that’s what Coraline asks for in the movie and Coraline is one of her favourite movies so we’ll make some of that soon as well.
 Ella pouring banana mango shakeI’m really pleased I started doing these recipes because it’s always great to get the kids to try fruit in new ways 🙂

Next Week: Citrus Wake Up

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