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Burger In A Bowl – Slimming World Recipe

I’d heard this recipe for Burger In A Bowl mentioned at my Slimming World group. Everyone was saying how nice it was and how much it tasted like a certain Big Burger from a well-known restaurant! I didn’t believe it could taste as nice as […]

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Baked Bean And Cottage Cheese Cakes – Slimming World Recipe

These baked bean and cottage cheese cakes are great for snacks. I’ll be keeping them in the fridge so I can have a quick breakfast on hand when needed. It serves 4 and they’re 1 syn each.

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Pea And Mint Soup – Slimming World Recipe

I love pea and mint soup. When I was younger we’d go to my aunt’s house for Bonfire Night and she’d serve jacket potatoes with chilli and cups of mushy peas with mint sauce. The chilli was always delicious but I always looked forward to […]

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Mulligatawny Soup – Slimming World Recipe

I had this Slimming World mulligatawny soup for my lunch today and it was very filling. The super wonderful husband made it for me while I was volunteering at the charity shop and it was lovely to come home to a ready-made lunch 🙂

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Slow Cooker Beef And Broccoli Recipe

I love being able to put everything in the slow cooker, leave it on all day and just serve it at night when we’re ready to eat 🙂 This slow cooker beef and broccoli recipe is Slimming World friendly and works out at only 2 […]

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Best Ever Slimming World Burgers – Recipe

I posted a recipe yesterday for creamy potato salad. It goes perfectly with these best ever Slimming World burgers and saves you using your healthy extra or 6 syns on a wholemeal bread roll 🙂 You can find both recipes in the new Little Book Of Barbeque. […]

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Speedy Chicken Jambalaya – Slimming World Recipe

This speedy chicken jambalaya is ready in 30 minutes. It’s great for the nights when one of the girls has to eat early due to Cubs or Guides commitments. It’s very filling and tasty; you can serve it with a side salad to make up […]

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Carrot, Pepper And Pea Dhal – Slimming World Recipe

Carrot, Pepper & Pea Dhal The super wonderful husband made carrot, pepper and pea dhal for our dinner last week. He served it with a big juicy steak and I really enjoyed it.

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