Everything You Need to Know About Changing Your Name

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There are times in everyone’s life where they want to start over with a new identity and new plans. While some plans fall through, others don’t. Many times there are too many reasons a person might consider getting a new name. Like in the case of divorce or separation, a woman would like to get her surname changed or would want to change her entire name. In some cases, a person might want to leave his old life behind and start afresh with a new identity, a new job and probably even a new name.
But thanks to the fast-growing and evolving world, changing your name has become more hassle-free than ever. All you need to get is a deed poll.

Deed Poll: 

A legal binding document that works as a piece of evidence. When you decide to get a new name, the deed poll is that official document you need to fill out to get this process done. It will help you to update your name in all other official and essential documents like your passport, license etc. It states the necessary information like what new name you have decided to go with, and from what date onwards.

How important is it to get a deed poll? 

Changing names is not something you do every day. It is your marked identity. The new name you choose, is now your identity proof that has to be updated in all of your important documents. If you decide to change your anime due to any reason, you need to do it officially, by informing the right authorities and sending out updates to relevant organizations. You must sign the legally binding document and notify certain authorities to get going. 

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In many cases, when you’re married, your marriage certificate can act as a proof of a new name, but in the case of separation, a deed poll may be needed if you decide to go back to your old name.

Do You Always Need a Deed Poll?

No, you don’t always need a deed poll. In case of marriage, the marriage certificate will act as a legal document for the new name change. If your marriage were finalised in the ion UK, the state would issue a certificate mentioning your old name and the new name. This acts as a legal document. 

In case of separation, you may need a deed poll if your divorce hasn’t been finalised yet. But if you have gone through the divorce, you won’t need a deed poll to switch back to your maiden name. It would help if you had your decree absolute.

How to Apply For a Deed Poll? 

Applying for a deed poll over has become very easy over the years. You can even order one online. 

Start by filling out an online application, and once all the details have been entered, you will be redirected to the payment page. There is a minimal amount for deed poll that you need to pay.

After the completion of payment, your deed poll will be sent to you via post along with any duplicate copies that you might have ordered. 

Once you receive your deed poll, you will need two witnesses to sign the documents along with your signature, stating that you are willingly going ahead with this change. 

Once done with signature, you need to notify important organizations to update your name in all important documents.

The process is relatively seamless and straightforward, and it won’t take much of your time. Make sure you have a list of the official bodies you need to inform and then you’re good to go.

At any point in life, you can go through this change, but you need to be above 18. And in case you’re not, you can ask your parents or guardian to help you with this.

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