Who Should Be Included In Wedding Photos?

Your wedding day – how would you like to be? I guess you’d want it to be the most memorable day of your life. This is the desire of everyone who intends to marry or who are getting married. But then how do you make it count? Planning is the key. And now I want to ask you a question – what should you include in your planning for this big day? It is not that easy to plan and that is why wedding committees are always formed. Even so, you remain to be the key determinant of the success of that big day.

wedding photo of bride from behind

You are the one to decide how colourful the day should be. It is you who knows the kind of flowers that you want. And let me mention that the flowers are very important and require careful consideration. Your choice of florist is quite significant. You need to ensure that the flowers will match everything, right from your bridesmaid dresses to the venue decorations. It is also important to choose the venue that will allow the smooth running of the event. It will be boring to be in the midst of noise or at a very busy opening that interferes with people’s concentration. Where are you going to spend your honeymoon? Plan about that in advance.

But there is something very important that should always be on your mind throughout your planning – wedding photography. This is something that many people do not put into consideration and in the end, they regret it. Today we want to discuss in details the issue of wedding photos. Who do you think should be included in wedding photos? Well, we will take time answering that question. Let us begin then…

Wedding Photography  

wedding photography

Sometimes I get upset when I see incoming couples underestimating the significance of wedding photography. Yes, we all face financial problems and always look at the best way of cutting our costs. But I want to assure you eliminating professional wedding photography is the worst way of doing that! Do you disagree? I will illustrate briefly…

A wedding is a big occasion and you are likely to have hundreds of guests. But for how long are they going to stay with you? For a lifetime? Not at all! But for how long are you going to have those wedding photos? For so long if not for a lifetime. It depends on how you keep them. Now which one is important between the two? A liberal thinker will opt for wedding photos. Do not mistake me though. I don’t mean to undermine the importance of wedding guests. I want you to put matters in the right perspective because in the end you are going to remain with your partner and that is what is important. Let me use another example.

How much do you intend to spend on your own invitation cards? You may want to draft as many as you can. But do you forget that they are going to be useless right after the occasion? Would it not be wise to limit costs on that than on photography? What about that wedding cake? It is good to entertain all your guests. But again the cake will be gone within minutes! I mean it will not always be there to remind you of the big day, my friend! Even those flowers are going to wilt after a short while.

wedding cake

In light of the above, it is reasonable to put wedding photography in your plans. Am so sure seeing the pride and smile in your parents face when you appear before them fully dressed will always remind you of your marriage vows. It is therefore fitting to say individuals who allow financial challenges to deprive them of such an integral aspect of their wedding are not serious.

Who Should Be Included In Wedding Photos?

Now let us assume you have prioritized photography. Who then should be included in the photos? This is a good question but requires a complex answer. Generally, a professional photographer such as Evengo will take so many photos. The chances are that near all the attendants will feature in the photos, including the uninvited guests. But you want the photos of family members and friends to always remind you of such an important day! So the best thing to do is come up with a checklist of wedding photos. This would mean you brief the photographer of your desires in advance. So let us look at how a wedding checklist should encompass.

bride and bridesmaids

Before the Wedding Day

Can you photograph prior to the wedding day? Absolutely! You need to take an engagement shoot, often referred to love shoot. And by the way, this is the most appropriate moment to comfortably pose before the camera and even get acquainted with the photographer.

Wedding Day

On the day of the occasion, you need to take a lot of photos. You can capture the following

  1. a) Getting ready
  • The invitation
  • The brides along with their bridesmaids
  • The wedding dress hanging as well as the jewellery and the shoes
  • The brides dressing
  • The wedding rings
  • Brides having some times alone
  • The portrait for mom and the bride
  • Dad and bride portrait
  • The bridal party getting out of the house
  • Brides and parents during the wedding
  • Grooms as well as the groomsmen readying themselves
  • Brides and parents getting to the ceremony.
  • The family

helping the bride get ready

  1. b) The first look
  • Only the couples for a first look
  • The reaction of the bridal party once the couple get in together
  1. c) The road to the venue
  • The wedding car
  • Brides and the parents
  • Brides and the flower girls or bridesmaids.

wedding car

  1. d) The ceremony checklist
  • The empty venue
  • The couples waiting in the venue
  • The guests
  • The ushers
  • The entry of the bridal party
  • Groom’s reaction
  • Exchanging of marriage vows
  • Parents giving away the bride
  • Ring exchanging
  • Newlywed
  • Couple in the car
  • Singing
  • Participants such as the officiant and musicians

wedding rings on a cushion

  1. e) Post wedding
  • Wedding portrait
  • Parents
  • Family. This may include couples and siblings or couples with their family members
  1. f) The reception
  • The empty reception space
  • Arrival of couples
  • The cake and when it is cut
  • The dance

wedding dance


Wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Wedding photography will make this day more memorable. We have discussed who should be included in the photos. The photographer should be notified in case of the groupings. Do not think financial constraints can deny you the life happiness that comes with wedding photos. Do not even trust friends with their smartphones. If you shop around you come by a professional wedding photographer with reasonable charges. We wish you the best!

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