Time For New Flooring

This is a collaborative post.

We moved here in January 2014 so we’ve been here for nearly 7 years. When we moved in there was carpet in the living room. We decided to keep the carpet initially as we were trying to keep costs down but neither of us really liked the carpet.

Loved The Laminate

As soon as we could, we bought laminate flooring and Ant fitted it. We had laminate flooring in our old house and we much prefer it, especially when there are young children around who tend to be messy!

We were really pleased with the result and decided to carry it through to the hall.

Kitchen Flooring

In the kitchen, we had some awful lino that we got on sale when we first moved. It looked nice at first but not long after fitting it, it started to look dirty and grubby. It didn’t matter how many times we cleaned it, it never looked nice.

We lived with the lino until 2016, then we bought and fitted laminate flooring in the kitchen as well.
I loved the kitchen laminate as we chose a dark wood rather than the lighter one we have in the living room and hall. It transformed the kitchen

Wear And Tear

Six years after fitting the living room laminate, it’s not looking good anymore.
I have to admit that it’s my fault in the living room; I use a footstool to put my legs up whenever I sit down and the wheels on the footstool have been slowly wearing away the top two layers on the laminate.

wear and tear on laminate flooring

It’s also damaged where one sofa leg has been; it looks like it’s been digging into the layers and is working its way through to the bottom.

damage on laminate flooring

It’s right in the middle of the room as well so when we move the furniture around at Christmas to fit everyone in, the worn part of the floor is glaringly obvious.

Kitchen Laminate Troubles

The kitchen laminate hasn’t been down as long as the living room but it’s actually looking worse. The top layer has chipped off in a few places and because it’s dark wood, they’re even more obvious.

I know you can get kits to repair laminate but seeing as it chips so easily, I think we’d be better off just getting new flooring.

chipped laminate flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

I’ve been doing some research on engineered wood flooring. It’s fitted much the same as laminate but lasts far longer because the top layer is real wood. It’s more expensive than laminate but it can last a lifetime which means if we’d have chosen engineered wood flooring 6 years ago, we wouldn’t be facing the task of having to empty the room, remove the laminate and fit another floor now.

Our new floor is going to have to wait a while, though, because we already have a ‘house to do’ list and it has more pressing issues to sort, the first of which is to have a new water cylinder fitted because our current one has a slow leak in it.

The new floor is going to the bottom of the list, unfortunately, but you’ll certainly be seeing pictures when we finally get round to changing it because I’ll be jumping for joy and sharing photos everywhere!

Hopefully it’ll look as nice as this!

engineered wood flooring
Image by Barry D from Pixabay

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