New kitchen floor – finally done!!

New floor, yay!!

If you’ve seen my monthly bucket lists posts, you’ll know how long I’ve wanted the new floor in the kitchen. We bought it back in April and it’s been sat in the garage waiting to be laid.

We finally decided to go for it while the girls were away with family and I absolutely LOVE it. It looks so much nicer than the lino that was down. I was really fed up of the floor looking dirty all the time because that lino just wouldn’t come clean.
Add to that the 2 different kinds of lino because of a slight miscalculation and you have a floor that bugged me every time I went in there!

old floor

It now looks like this:


As well as laying the flooring, we made some other changes in the kitchen because we needed more storage.

No more display shelves

We removed the open shelves that I had in the corner, to display the old teacups and saucers and various other items.



They were pretty but a big waste of space so we bought a corner unit and Ant made shelves either side to make it look like it was all built in.


We put the cream shelf unit that was opposite the cooker, outside and Ant made a new built-in unit with a black counter to match the rest of the kitchen.

It’s given us more counter space which we needed and more storage space. We can now store the wash basket under the counter. It did my head in sat in front of the shelves and you had to keep moving it out of the way when you wanted to cook. (It’s not in the following before photo. I’d moved it to the bathroom in order to take a nicer photo. You can see it in the top photo though!)

shelves before new floor

New unit

unit after new floor

It’s a bit lower than the other counters so that it’s easier to knead the dough when Ant’s making pasta. He uses the mixer for the bread dough but pasta is harder, so he tells me and it’s better done by hand.

The counter was a piece he had stored in the shed. When we can afford it, he wants to get a longer piece because he needs a bit more room when making spaghetti!

The floor and storage changes have made a massive difference to the kitchen. We had a space saving table in the middle of the kitchen where the chairs all stored underneath it. It’s now been taken down and put somewhere outside because I didn’t want it anymore. It got on my nerves every time I had to walk around it. It was also annoying with the amount of stuff that collected underneath it. Moving it out of the kitchen means keeping the floor swept and clean is so much easier.
The kids just take their breakfast to the dining table in the living room now instead 🙂

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