No End Of School Questions This Year

KayCee and Ella

I started asking KayCee and Ella some end of school questions back in 2012.
It was KayCee’s last day at infants and Ella’s last day in reception.

They’ve answered the same set of questions every year since, except this year.
This year Covid-19 hit the world and school as we knew it had to drastically change.

I can’t actually remember when the schools closed or how long they’ve been off, I just know it feels like a very long time!
Both KayCee and Ella coped well with the lockdown. They didn’t moan about all the new restrictions, they understood why we had to have them and just got on with it.

I don’t think they worked as hard as they could have on their school work during lockdown but I’m confident they’ll be able to catch up when they get back to school properly.
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Fingers crossed, the schools and the school children will be able to get back to some sort of normality in September, although, what ‘normal’ will mean then is anybody’s guess!

So, while I haven’t got the answers to the end of school questions this year, I do have updated photos of my beautiful girls 🙂


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