Questions for Kaycee on her last day at infants

It’s Kaycee’s last day at her infants school today and while she’s excited about going to junior school, she’s quite upset at having to leave the teachers she has now. She’s also upset at not being able to attend  Twinkletoes dance classes anymore which they run as an after school club. She cried last week when she found out it was the final class so I told her that I’m sure she’ll find some after school clubs at her new school that she’ll love just as much 🙂

Anyway, inspired by a wonderful blog called Clover Lane that I found through Centsational Girl, I decided to interview Kaycee as she leaves her infants school. I think it’s a lovely idea and great for her to be able to look back on when she’s older 🙂

I am really good at Reading
I like to: Go to school
My favourite thing to learn at
1 person who makes me laugh: Dad
One word that describes me: Happy
I am really happy when: My brother plays with me
I am really sad when: Ella falls out with me
My favourite book: The Twits
My favourite TV show: Zeke and Luther
My favourite vacation: Featherdown Farm
I like school when: It’s playtime
I don’t like school when: I have nobody to play with
My favourite season: Summer
My favourite toy: Ducky
My worst nightmare: When I took my castle into school and got embarrassed
Things that make me mad: When Ella blames me for doing everything
I like my Dad because He is nice to me
I like my Mum because I just do
I like my family because They are lovely

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