5 Must-Know Tips That Make Sewing Easier For Beginners

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When you decide to take up a sewing project, or you’ve just started picking up this skill, you’ve got a lot to learn. This is a magnificent craft, but the skills don’t just come to you in your sleep. It takes a lot of determination and effort to learn how to become a master of this craft, with the accent on the determination. If you are one of those who develop a certain interest and then get bored after seeing that there is a lot of work to do, then sewing is definitely not for you.

On the other hand, if you are determined enough and willing to learn, you’ll be really happy after your accomplishments. Just imagine being able to call yourself a sewing expert a couple of months from now. I understand that picking up these skills might seem difficult in the beginning, but believe me when I say it; it does get a lot easier.

It gets even easier when you find the right sewing tips and tricks. There are a lot of those online and, frankly, the Internet has made learning everything much easier. The technological developments have made everything possible, so there’s no need to worry too much about where to find the tips I am talking about. All you need is an Internet-connected device and you’ll have everything right there at the palm of your hand.

You simply open your browser, find a website or two which are abundant in these tips and tricks and you’ll be able to pick up quite a few useful skills. Finding these websites won’t be that difficult, just make sure that you end up learning from reliable sources. Let me give you a few must-know tips myself and hopefully make sewing much easier for you.

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Learn How To Quickly Thread The Needle

Anyone who has ever tried to thread the needle knows how much patience you need in order to do it successfully. That might be a good thing, because it prepares you for the fact that sewing is a craft for patient people. It’s soothing at the same time, but you can’t deny the fact that you can get rather frustrated after not being able to thread the needle for some time. I know that you might think it’s completely unnecessary to talk about this, because everybody can do it with some determination and patience.

When you learn the right way to do it, though, there will be no need for you to spend too much time trying to do this successfully. Consequently, you won’t get frustrated every time you need to do it and you won’t delay your decision to start sewing just because you cannot bear the thought of wasting your time on threading the needle. Here’s what you need to do. Instead of moistening the end of your thread, you should moisten the back of the needle. Try it out and see how big a difference it makes.

Don’t Watch The Needle

The biggest reason why people aren’t able to improve their sewing skills is that they keep watching their needle and it distracts them. Since you are a beginner, you might be shocked by this idea, but the truth is that you should never, ever watch the needle while sewing. Think of it this way. The first rule of learning how to dance is not to watch your feet.

This might be easier to say than to do, though. What are you supposed to look at? How are you to divert your attention from the needle when you need to know what the needle is doing at all times. The solution is quite simple. Watch the marks on your throat plate guide. That will help make sure that your lines are straight and precise.

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Check The Presser Foot

Don’t forget to ensure that the presser foot is up while threading. If it’s kept down, the tension will lock and that’s not what you want. If you are a complete beginner, you might not even know what I am talking about right now, but don’t worry. After you get the hang of it, everything will become much clearer. As it usually goes, things that seem completely strange to you turn into completely simple and clear ones after a while.

Here are some more tips for when you get the hang of everything and get some more advanced skills: https://sweetredpoppy.com/sewingtips/

Magnets Come In Handy

Why would you possibly need a magnet while sewing? That was your reaction right now, wasn’t it? While this is not directly connected to the sewing skill, it is a really useful tip that will definitely come in handy and save you a lot of trouble. Let me ask you a question. What will you do if you lose one of your needles and can’t seem to find it?

If you have ever dropped a needle on the floor, you know how frustrating searching for it can get. It’s as if it falls from the face of the Earth. This is not only time-wasting, but it can also pose a real danger to you or anyone in your household. Having a little magnet next to you will make the process of finding the needle much easier and much quicker. You just go over the area with the magnet and the little sneaky needle will stick right to it.

Measure Everything And Then Do It Again

Picture this scenario. You want to cut some fabric, you quickly measure it and proceed to cut. After the cutting is complete, you realize that you have made a huge mistake. Things might be uneven, or the dimensions might be completely wrong. The worst part is, there’s no turning back.

I’m pretty sure that everyone has been there, so don’t get to angry at yourself. You should, however, remember to be more careful next time. Measure once, measure twice and then measure everything all over again if necessary, but don’t cut anything until you have checked the measurements a couple of times.

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