Five Birthday Party Ideas for Your Husband

birthday party ideas for your husband

When your husband’s birthday rolls around, you can end up in a frenzy trying to figure out what to do or get him while juggling daily family life. The thought you put into his birthday will count for much more than gifts, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it memorable. What’s important is making him feel special and seeing him smile from ear to ear. As parents, your priorities are your children, so on your birthdays, you deserve some attention. If you want to get friends and family involved and plan a party for your husband, here are some ideas

1 Host a pool tournament

A fun idea that any husband will love is to get friends around for a pool tournament. You can set it up just like a regular tournament where you eliminate losers each round until there’s one person left standing. Have everyone bring some type of easy finger food like chips and dips, samosas, mini sandwiches etc. Home Leisure Direct has tons of pool tables at, whether you want a classic English model or even one that converts to a table.

2. Surprise dinner party

Give your husband a birthday to remember by surprising him with a dinner party with all his friends. Have a potluck so you have less preparation to do and decorate the house when he’s at work or out. Ideally, you can get one of his friends to take him out for the day, such as taking him golfing or even just out for a coffee, while you get everything ready. Have a special chair prepared for him and a birthday hat for him to put on when he arrives. Make sure to turn all the lights off and get everyone to be quiet so you can give him a huge surprise when he comes home.

3 Adventurous weekend activity

If your husband loves the outdoors, consider scheduling an adventurous activity or weekend away with friends who also enjoy the outdoors. Plan a group excursion, such as canoeing, ziplining or white-water rafting. It could be a single day affair to make sure it’s accessible and affordable for all his friends. Alternatively, if everyone’s got time, you could do a weekend camping trip.

4 Whisky tasting party

Host your own mini whisky tasting event from your home or backyard. Invite all your husband’s guy friends and set up a range of whiskeys for them to sample. You can even mix up whisky-based cocktails for them. Do a bit of research and be their guide as you tell them about the different types of whiskeys, where they are from, and what flavour profile they have. Then, leave them to enjoy some guy time.

5 Go out for a karaoke night

Just because you are adults doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of good old fashioned fun! Book a karaoke room for your husband’s birthday and invite some friends to join and sing their heart out. Order a round of his favourite drink to start the night and give everyone a bit of liquid courage.

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