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Few brands in the skincare industry can enter with a bang and keep that momentum going for years. For many newcomers to the market, that buzzing sense of hype that comes with a new product line can quickly fade, shadowed by the next big thing in the fast-paced world of beauty and cosmetics.

However, a solid brand identity with a commitment to top-quality products has kept some companies relevant from their starting moments to the present day. One such company is a revolutionary developer of Korean beauty products, Dear, Klairs.

Established in 2010, the company is younger than other cosmetic brands it is ranked against. However, the brand’s consistency and attention to its customers’ needs has kept its success going, with no signs of stopping soon.

Below are three reasons why the Korean skincare company remains so popular with consumers:

1. Ethical Practices

The first reason that the brand is so famous worldwide is that users are not afraid of their business practices. While there are now more and more cosmetic companies adjusting their policies to keep up with a more ethically aware customer base, Dear, Klairs has been pioneering humane and natural product lines since its beginning days.

The Korean company makes a point to include Vegan-safe options in its product lines. It guarantees that all their products are cruelty-free, avoiding the practice of animal testing altogether. All ingredients used in their quality formulas are sourced using ecologically responsible methods, so they have a minimal environmental impact.

This compassion for mother earth and its consumers extends to all areas of their company, with even their product packaging almost always being 100% biodegradable, and boasts recyclable and environmentally friendly containers at their many Korea-based and international store outlets.

2. All-Natural Formulations

Although the company has not yet made the full transition into a fully Vegan cosmetic company, its focus on naturally sourced ingredients and plant-based formulas are evident in its products. Every line is released with two criteria in mind: Simplicity, and Natural Appeal.

Most skincare products come with no artificial fragrances or compounds, which means you smell the authenticity of their formulas. A product enriched with butter will undoubtedly carry the rich, creamy tones of natural butter extracts, just as you would expect!

This attention to nature-inspired formulas and products also has the bonus side effect of being by and large safe to use on all skin types, with minimal risk of causing an adverse reaction or damage to the skin due to the lack of unnecessary chemical compounds in their products.

3. Consistent, Complete Skincare Lines

From their Freshly Juiced products to their best-selling Rich Moist Soothing Skin Care line, the Korean company achieves a deep variety in their catalog. It has performed all of this while keeping consistent with their brand identity and vision. The company knows exactly who its customers are, and strives to deliver with every new release.

Each product line comes with an item for every skincare need, from toners to cleansers to a variety of creams that target different skin areas and conditions. Every new development assures that you never miss out and that no part of your skin is forgotten.

4. International Availability

One of the many reasons Korean skincare got attention from people worldwide is its fast availability. Beauty e-commerce is exceptionally robust in South Korea, and it has helped several brands gain exposure in other countries. Dear, Klairs has expanded its retail shops beyond Korea and into most continents around the world. Because of the brand’s aggressive international campaign, women from all over the world have experienced the magic of Korean skincare.


Achieving a cult following in any area is an admirable feat, but even much more so in an industry where consumers depend on top quality products every time. After all, it is their skin that’s on the line! But the company has achieved this in its relatively short time on the market compared to other brands.

It has captivated many skincare lovers because of the simple fact that the brand hardly changed beliefs after all this time. The company believes in pure, naturally-developed products that speak for themselves; all made with compassion. Customers who have come to love and need these types of skincare items keep coming back for more because very few brands do it better.

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