The Year Of The Garden – Definitely This Time!

Year Of The Garden - Update

We can’t put it off any longer; the garden is so overgrown, we have a blackberry bush growing in the greenhouse and up through the roof!

blackberry bush growing in the greenhouse and up through the roof
Blackberries growing through the greenhouse roof

Ant and I went outside last week and just decided to make a start there and then. We haven’t really got any long term plans, we’re just working on a bit of the garden at a time, starting with 2 new raised beds.

While I worked on my raised bed, Ant started digging the borders on the other side of the garden that had been taken over by grass. We found a path that everyone had forgotten was there!
It only went down one side and we’re making a corner bed so Ant laid more path in front of the shorter side

We’ve all helped in some way, but Ant has done the lion’s share. We decided to make it out of wood rather than bricks as it’s faster, easier and probably cheaper, although we did have to buy a new saw. I’m not sure what kind it is, I leave those details to Ant but if you need any information about saws, check out Best Saw Club.

Ant’s having the long bed for fruit and the shorter one for herbs. He’s going to be putting a wooden board on the top of the walls so people can also use it as a seat.
We went to the garden centre earlier and bought some raspberry plants to go with the currant bushes and fig plants he planted yesterday.

We’re going to be sorting the lawn out when everything else is done.
Next job is to clear the top of the garden, including evicting the blackberry from the greenhouse!

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