Surprise! Throwing a surprise party, what you need to consider.

With everything we want more a less a click away, it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to birthday gifts. Many of us have the mentality of if you want it, get it. Which is great in our modern age, but it doesn’t give us gift-givers much hope!
Have you thought about throwing a surprise birthday party instead? Arranging a few drinks at a local bar or pub might sound adequate enough but if you really want your S.O. to have a birthday to remember, consider pulling out all the stops!

throwing a surprise party

Read on for some of the things you need to consider when you’re planning a surprise party. Go on, we won’t tell anyone!

The planning

You need to be on top of this if you want this party to be a success. With a conventional party, you could be forgiven for running to the shops for more drink an hour before the guests arrive, with a surprise party, you don’t have that luxury!

  • Think about the food, a freezer full of frozen party nibbles might arouse suspicion, as well as all those additional bottles of wine and beer, so why not hire someone to do the catering for you? It could be a Hog Roast Machine or even a delivery from a local restaurant who is in on the surprise.
  • The venue. The venue is crucial in terms of where you’re all going to party and it’ll help keep the secret going. Try and keep it somewhere normal, or somewhere the person in question regularly visits. Don’t head to the posh new restaurant in town – go to the same restaurant you both eat at on a Wednesday night! A party at home would be ideal but keeping the guest of honour out of the house for several hours while your army of helpers decorates isn’t always easy.

party food

  • The decorations. You’ll need to have a theme or a colour scheme in mind and have all these items bought/created and well hidden from the birthday boy/girl well in advance. You might be able to hide these at the venue or at someone’s house until you can get to the location to decorate. Be prepared to ask for help from friends and family here!
  • The guests. Here you have two options, a small gathering of their nearest and dearest or an all-out birthday bash. You need to think logically here. How realistic is it to get a hundred people to one venue without arousing suspicion? Are you able to keep on top of the R.S.V. P’s? How likely is it that the majority of your guest list will be able to make it? A larger group will certainly be harder to coordinate. But the risk of a small group is that you might miss someone out…
  • If possible, tell people about the party Group chats through social media are also a good bet. But just be careful that your S.O doesn’t accidentally see a notification from the “surprise party” group.

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