Birthday BBQ

The girls have a joint party every year. Kaycee’s birthday is on the 2nd and Ella’s is on the 8th. This year we had a BBQ for family and friends.

Kaycee also had friends for a sleepover the night before her birthday and Ella’s having friends sleep over on her birthday on Friday. I was dreading having all those girls in one place but thankfully it wasn’t too bad!
They didn’t go to sleep until around 11pm (well they went quiet at that time, whether they were actually asleep is anyone’s guess!) but apart from that they were all really lovely girls, very well behaved and had excellent manners 🙂

It was lovely seeing everyone at the BBQ and the girls had a great time 🙂 I didn’t get many photos because until the candles were ready to be lit, I totally forgot to even pick my phone up. I have to admit that even though I missed lots of photo opportunities, I don’t regret it because I spent time actually talking to the guests and enjoying myself 🙂




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15 thoughts on “Birthday BBQ

  1. Those cakes look even more fabulous in this post than they did in the last one x

  2. Aw they look so happy! And good to live in the moment sometimes…I always find birthdays too hectiv to take many photos. Hope you had a great day.

  3. Sounds like a great party. I think sometimes you can get so caught up in taking photos you are not actually very 'present' in the activities. I bet they enjoyed their lovely cakes.

  4. Summer birthdays are great for outdoor parties – mine are Nov and March, so a barbeque would never be an option. Happy birthday! Looks as though they had a lovely time.

  5. Summer birthdays are brill and it looks like they had a fabulous time

  6. Bbqs for birthdays = fantastic! Nothing beats family and friends gathering for a celebration with amazing food.
    Well done on the sleepovers, you are braver than I! x

  7. BBQs are always fun and what can be better than following a nice burger with a birthday cake!
    Great idea.

  8. Bek

    It sounds like a wonderful party. I love the cakes! I'm glad to hear that they were well behaved.

  9. Happy Birthday little ladies……love the cakes

  10. What a lovely birthday party! Sometimes it pays to just put down the camera and enjoy the moment (although, I'm never without mine!!) xx

  11. Ah happy birthday girls! I too missed taking photos as Ozzys birthday party – sometimes it's best to just savour the moment (and the birthday cake!)

  12. Those cakes look absolutely delicious <3 I hope it was a wonderful day. x

  13. I'm so glad you enjoyed the celebrations too. That does look like a lovely cake 🙂

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