We’re On Holiday – Our Anniversary Week Begins Here

Ant and I have come to Hemsby in Norfolk for the week to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary which is on Monday. We always try to get away for our anniversary week, just the two of us 🙂
It’s not always possible, but I’m going to make sure nothing stops us in 2020. We’ll be celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary and I want us to go to York Lakeside Lodges again for a week. It’s where we spent our honeymoon and we loved it. We always planned to go back, but somehow never got around to it.

As well as going to York, I want to save up to buy us matching platinum wedding rings. Ant’s wedding ring is battered beyond use so I thought it would be lovely to get matching ones. I don’t want a regular gold one, I want something a bit different and hopefully, Ant won’t be able to damage his as easily!

Anniversary Week

We left around 10 this morning and after stopping at Nanny’s then calling for a Costa coffee, we were off.

Costa Coffee - I'm now officially on holiday for our anniversay week

The chalet was available at 2 pm so we had time to stop off at McDonald’s for lunch. I really enjoyed it because it’s been over a year since I last had a McDonald’s!

McDonald's iced caramel frappe

After getting the keys to the chalet and unloading the car we went to Tesco to pick up our Click and Collect order. I’d ordered a meal deal so Ant didn’t have much cooking to do. For a tenner, it was a really good deal; we had potato dauphinoise, ham wellington and peas (not included in the deal) followed by salted caramel profiteroles. I think Ant enjoyed the bottle of red wine!

I’m not sure what we’re doing tomorrow yet. I saw a sign for some water gardens on the way here so I’m going to check it out.

I also want to find some charity shops and have a look at the books!


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