Back To School For Kaycee – Year 8

Year 8

Her second year of secondary school, also known as year 8 to most, is upon us. Why is time going so quickly?

Year 8 first day of school for Kaycee

On Facebook Memories today there were photos from Kaycee’s first day at infants school. She was so cute and it seemed like just yesterday I was taking those photographs.
She’s going to be an adult before we know it and I’m really trying to savour this time with them. I’m so pleased I’m able to work from home as it means we get lots of time together 🙂

Kaycee first day at infants school

Kaycee and Ella on Kaycee's first day at infants school

I don’t have a blog post about her first day at infants because I wasn’t blogging properly back then but I do have a post from when she started year 2 🙂

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