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Year 9 For KayCee – Back To School Time

My beautiful KayCee starts year 9 today. I know everyone says it but time has gone so fast. It only seems like yesterday she was starting year 7. I was so nervous for her but I needn’t have been, she was great and took it […]

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No More Junior School For Ella – Secondary School Here She Comes!

Ella’s just left for her first day at secondary school. She was a bit nervous but very excited. Ant’s taking her in the car today with 2 of her friends seeing as it’s her first day but tomorrow she’s going to be walking.

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Back To School For Kaycee – Year 8

Year 8

Her second year of secondary school, also known as year 8 to most, is upon us. Why is time going so quickly?

Year 8 first day of school for Kaycee

On Facebook Memories today there were photos from Kaycee’s first day at infants school. She was so cute and it seemed like just yesterday I was taking those photographs.
She’s going to be an adult before we know it and I’m really trying to savour this time with them. I’m so pleased I’m able to work from home as it means we get lots of time together 🙂

Kaycee first day at infants school

Kaycee and Ella on Kaycee's first day at infants school

I don’t have a blog post about her first day at infants because I wasn’t blogging properly back then but I do have a post from when she started year 2 🙂

Year 6 – Back To School For Ella

Year 6

back to school year 6

Ella’s starting back to school today in year 6. This means it’s her last year at this school. I can’t believe she’ll be going to secondary school next year! She’s growing up far too fast for my liking!

She was excited to be going back to school this morning. Kaycee made a fuss of her by getting up early and making her a cooked breakfast for when she woke up!
She also did her hair for her, made her lunch and made sure she didn’t forget anything!

Kaycee’s not back at school until Thursday so she had plenty of time to do it all today. Ella asked Kaycee if she could make her lunch every day. Her answer was definitely not! She has to leave much earlier than Ella when she’s at school and she only just has time to get herself sorted!

It was lovely seeing them getting on nicely this morning, for a change!



Back To School – Uniform and Stationery Shopping

Back To School – Uniform

Yes, I know the holidays have only just started but I know from experience we need to go shopping now. I’ve left it until the end of the holidays before and all the sizes we needed were out of stock.

The trouble is, I can’t just get on and order everything like I used to. The girls are older now and they want to choose their own style. The skirts I think they’d like, they don’t and the ones I’d never choose for them, they ask for!

I do most of the shopping at Tesco as I’m a delivery saver customer which means I can have it delivered for free 🙂


Like me, both girls love buying stationery and Ella’s looking forward to a trip to Smiggle with her sister, Kellyann.
Kaycee was pleased to see the contents of a package that came from Stabilo the other day. We’ve had pens from them before and the girls have always been pleased with them.
They send a selection of left and right handed because Ella needs left handed pens and Kaycee is right handed.

Ella loved her new lunch bag from Ulster Weavers 🙂 Kaycee didn’t mind that she didn’t get one, she doesn’t use lunch bags with pictures on them anymore now she’s at secondary school!

back to school stationery

stabilo pens

Please note: we were sent products in return for a blog post.

Back to school

Back To School

I got a little emotional this morning while waving the kids off on their first day back to school.

It’s Kaycee’s last year in junior school, it’s Aiden’s last year in secondary school and all of a sudden it hit me how fast time is going.
I remember watching Aiden toddling about and wondering to myself what kind of person he was going to be.

I’m so lucky to have the most wonderful, kind and caring son a person could wish for. He helps around the house without moaning, he’s always respectful and he still gives me cuddles!
I’m not putting his photo on this year, although I did take one this morning. I’ve taken one every first day of school since he started school but now he’s older, he’s not keen on being photographed anymore and doesn’t like me putting his photo online so I respect his wishes.

The girls, however, love posing, as you can see!

Kaycee before her first day back to school


Ella before her first day back at school


Kaycee and Ella in school uniform


Back to School – No more infants!

I love the back to school photos. It’s such a lovely record to have, seeing the growth and changes at the same time each year 🙂
This year there are a couple of big changes; the location of the photos and no more infants school. We’re all very much settled into our new house but it was strange this morning finding a new place for the photos and I did miss my waterfall which was the preferred background for the past few years!
I’ll have to hurry up and get the garden done for next year’s photos!

Aiden’s in year 10 this year and I’m hoping he puts a bit more effort in now he’ll be starting work on his GCSEs!

Aiden ready for year 10

Kaycee’s in year 5…

Kaycee ready for year 5

and Ella’s now in year 3 at junior school 🙂

No more infants school for Ella, she's now in year 3

Time is flying by!

Aiden, KayCee and Ella


KayCee and Ella


KayCee and Ella
Back to school selfie!


Back to school 2011
Back to school 2012
Back to school 2013

Looking back – Aiden’s first day of school

This is a sponsored post

Is it really that time again? It seems the annual school uniform shop comes round faster with each year that passes.

I’m sure no one enjoys uniform shopping; I actually dread it every year but this is worse because not having to buy infants school uniform anymore makes me sad. Ella, the youngest (and there certainly won’t be anymore!) has left infants school and now needs a completely new uniform for junior school.
I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I’m going to miss that school.

I started thinking about Aiden’s first day there. It feels like it was just yesterday that he looked like this….


Aiden's first day at school


Aiden's first day at school

and it’s hard to comprehend that not only is he 14 now, he only has 2 years left at secondary school! My baby will be going to college before I know it and Kaycee’s going to be starting secondary school.

Time is a funny thing. You can’t wait for them to reach each new stage and to see how they grow and what they’ll become, but it makes you so sad when you look back on photos like this and realise how much time has gone and how fast it’s racing on.


Back to school time again :)

It’s that time of year again and as the teen gets older he gets a little more reluctant to have his photo taken! Good job he loves his mum and gives in without too much moaning!

This is the last year we’ll see any red uniform because it’s Ella’s last year at infants. It’s unbelievable that next year our littlest person will be going to junior school.
I’ll be sad when she leaves her infants school because we’ve had children at that school since 2005 and we love everyone who works there.

Aiden left for school on his bike with plenty of time to spare, let’s see how long that lasts however, I noticed a little later that his lunch was still on the side! I hope he goes to student support or whatever it’s called and borrows some dinner money.


New winter coat which thankfully, due to the hot summer day, we could leave at home!

Kaycee was a little nervous about going back to school because she wasn’t sure which classroom she was going to so I had to walk her down rather than her going on her own when we got to Ella’s school.
Luckily, she’d seen one of her friends who lives on our street before we left and we ended up walking with S and her mum. Kaycee felt a little braver having S with her when she went to find out which class she was in 🙂
It was nice to walk with them and we’ve made plans to walk together on a regular basis.


Ella loves her coat and wanted to wear it to school. I’m happy to report that she forgot all about it and left it at home!

Ella was very excited to be going back to school but the closer we got the more nervous she got! It didn’t help that we were the last ones there because we’d had to stay a bit longer to get Kaycee sorted. Her teacher is obviously used to parents having these sort of problems the first few days back so she was fine and Ella quickly got herself sorted and sat down.
She’ll be totally fine tomorrow morning and hopefully Kaycee will be as well so we’ll be able to get Ella to school on time!



Learning to read

The girls were all ready for school with time to spare this morning so Ella asked if we could read some of her new school book.
While she was sat on my knee, pointing at the words as she spelt them out, I noticed how small her hand was and how cute that finger looked sliding over the page, stopping at each word.

Then it hit me; this will be the last year I have of helping my children learn to read. Kaycee became very independent in year two with her reading. She still wanted to read to me but not as a child learning, more as a teacher or parent reading a story to a child!
She basically took over bedtime stories (until we started reading Harry Potter and only because I insist on reading; I’ve been looking forward to sharing the Harry Potter books with them for years!) and now reads to us most nights, holding the book as a teacher does, showing us the pictures!

I think Ella’s going to be the same and I can foresee arguments over who’s going to read the bedtime story ensuing!

It makes me a bit sad because they’re all growing so fast but on the other hand, it makes me so proud to see them growing into and developing into wonderful people with totally different personalities.

It’s a time to treasure 🙂


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