Wannabe The Next David Bailey? Here’s What You Should Know

The Next David Bailey?

The Next David Bailey?

Photography is becoming more popular as people see the benefits of taking snaps for a hobby. The issue that most newbies have, however, is wanting too much too soon. When they pick up a camera, they want to be the next David Bailey and change the industry forever. Sadly, this isn’t going to be the case no matter how much raw skill you have in your locker. What you should focus on is learning and getting better, and not jumping the gun.

Below, then, is what every beginner should know once they have a camera in their hands.

Lessons Are Vital

The great thing about photography is that a person can buy a camera and take shots. As such, there is no reason to take lessons and learn the tricks of the trade. Although there is a certain freedom to this, it doesn’t mean it’s a good approach. As a rule, photography courses for beginners are imperative if you want to move to the next level. For starters, they teach you the basics of camera work and how to get to know your equipment better. Plus, seminars are usually operated by professionals who can pass on valuable nuggets of information.

Make Time

It sounds obvious, but you need to maintain your hobby if you want to improve. Without practice, there isn’t much chance of you realising your full potential. After all, practice makes perfect. The issue is that photography can be a full-time occupation. So, capturing a few sneaky shots isn’t always easy unless you have the time to set up the equipment and play with the environment. The only way to get around this obstacle is to make time. Yes, your life is busy, but everyone has downtime. Plus, you can make time by carrying your camera everywhere and taking impromptu snaps.



Go Manual

Modern cameras are so good that they often do all of the heavy lifting. And, it is easy and tempting to keep it this way. However, it is also a false sense of security. In layman’s terms, you are a glorified button pushed that relies on equipment more than intelligence. To some people this is fine, but to others, it will send shivers down their spine. If you are part of the second group, it’s imperative to switch off the automatic settings and go manual. Then, you will figure out how to master focus as well metering and exposure.

It’s Expensive

Now, this isn’t supposed to scare you and make you quit photography because that you should do what makes you happy. But, it is worth noting that it this hobby is particularly expensive as even the cheap gear is not that cheap. And, you need to buy a lot of equipment if you want to take your skills to the next level. For anyone that wants a solution, there is a simple one: save as much as possible. After all, the bigger the budget, the more you can afford.

Just be aware that trying to improve is costly.

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