Give Your Home A Touch A Class With Genuine Antiques

Genuine Antiques

Antiques bring something a bit special to any home. Their style and sense of history grace any room and they can be a real talking point at dinner parties and family gatherings. You don’t have to spend a fortune and they can prove to be a great investment as many gain value after you have bought them.

genuine antiques

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You don’t have to an expert on history to successfully buy antiques and they can be used in any room of the house, even the bathroom! Here are some tips if you are experimenting with antiques for the first time.

Where to find great antique deals

Buying antiques on eBay is both quick and convenient but you do need to be able to spot what is a bad deal and what is a good deal. Read the description carefully and take a good look at the photographs. It is perfectly acceptable to request more from the buyer if you wish.

At the very minimum you should:

  • Check the condition of the item. Anything that is cracked, chipped or broken is immediately worth less money even if it has been repaired to a high standard.
  • Look out for tell-tale signs that it is a fake or a reproduction. Does it look too perfect? Has it got obvious signs of wear and tear to show that it is genuinely old.
  • Verify the seller’s return policies. Does the seller have a good track record of satisfied customers on eBay?

Getting the antiques into your home

You will not want a seller to pop a valuable and fragile antique into the post. That is just asking for trouble. Many antiques are both bulky and heavy so they are hard to move. Find a reliable furniture delivery service by comparing quotes and feedback after filling in one simple form. There is no hassle and no phone calls and you will get the best deal possible which will cut down the overall costs of buying the item.

Think carefully about where you want to place them before they are delivered so that they can be placed in exactly the right location. It can be costly to get someone to move it to another room for you a few weeks later if you change your mind!

Buying from antique markets and auctions

If you really want to make a hobby out of buying antiques, this is the way to go. You can make a day out or even a weekend away out of it and really enjoy yourself.

In antique markets, you should wander around a little first to check out what is on offer. Then home in on a few pieces that have caught your eye.  Remember that you do not have to pay full price. Haggling is part of the fun. You will not offend the seller by suggesting a reasonable offer. Be prepared to walk away if you are not getting a good deal.

In auctions, you have to hold your nerve and outbid all the other interested parties but you can pick up some great bargains.

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