Taking The Perfect Profile Photograph: What You Need To Know

Taking The Perfect Profile Photo

Almost everyone uses social media these days, and I’m no different. Considering that, I wanted to present you with some quick advice today about taking the perfect profile photograph. You want to look your best because all your friends will see that image. However, I have to be honest and admit I got most of this information from my kids.

Make sure you have enough light

The first tip applies to all photographs, and not just for social media. However, it’s vital that you have enough light if you want the perfect image. That could mean you have to do outside or switch some lamps on in your home. Make sure the light is pointing towards your face for the best results.

Apply a filter

Lots of social networks now allow you to use a filter on the images you upload. With that in mind, you should get in the habit of doing that every time you publish a new profile photograph. If you’re not happy with the filters on Facebook, just use Snapchat and screenshot the picture.

Always opt for a selfie

When profile pics appear on social media websites, they’re usually quite small. So, it doesn’t make sense to upload a full body shot. Instead, you should take a selfie so that your face is as close to the lens as possible. There is some advice about getting the best results on the infographic below this post.

You should now have enough information to ensure your profile photographs cut the mustard. If you’re still stuck for ideas, just remember that practice makes perfect. Mess around with different concepts until you find something that works.

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