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5 Ways You Can Show Your Family Appreciation


Having a family is literally one of the best things you can do in life. Sure, you create an army of small people who make a lot of mess, a lot of noise and cause a lot of stress sometimes, but they’re an army of little people who give you unlimited love and cuddles. They’re the pieces of immortality you create so that when this world is long behind you, you have a legacy that continues living. That sheer love and appreciation you have for your family is one that never seems to go away, even when the bad days feel never-ending.

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We live in a world of social media that is in your face all hours of the day. In the palm of your hand, you have a working way for people to judge you and your life. How you dress. How you parent. Even how you eat are at the mercy of the opinions of relative strangers on the internet. And everyone has an opinion. For every person who agrees with your methods of parenting your children, there are ten more who can make you feel guilty for the way you do things. The thing is, there is no wrong way to be a parent. If your children are fed, have a warm bed at night and plenty of love, then the latest consoles and gadgets that may be unaffordable just do not matter.

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Adults often reflect on their own childhoods and draw from their experiences when it comes to raising children. For example, if you were disciplined with a smack as a child, you may choose to do it differently when you are a parent. If your parents forced you to eat everything on your plate as a child, you may choose to give your own children more food freedom. Everything we learn from our parents has a knock-on effect on our children, and it’s for this reason you have to be sure you are confident in your own parenting skills. Do you show your partner how much you appreciate them and their help?

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Do you feel grateful for the education and healthcare opportunities your children have compared to when you were a child? You should. Feeling grateful for the things you have – from access to NHS prescriptions online to the TV satellite you recently managed to afford – is the first way you can learn to appreciate things in your life. This then can lead you to show your children you appreciate them and everything they offer you. You as a parent offer them the world on a platter and every opportunity that you can readily afford. But what do your children offer you? The answer is unconditional love. Children are – for the most part – created in love and therefore do nothing but idolise you as a parent. This means that you have to be the best you can be for them. There are many ways you can show your children that you appreciate their presence in your life and we’ve put together five of the best ways you can make sure that they know they are wanted and important in your life.

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Children need reassurance. Reassuring them that they are and always will be your first priority is important for them. Adults attention is demanded by so many things during the day that can mean us unintentionally brushing the children off and moving forward with our day without a second thought. This has an impact. The memories you give your children will shape them as adults and so you have to make them see and understand that they are a priority to you. You will, of course, be pulled away by work and by other small distractions. But you should praise them for their successes, however minor, and support them and guide them when they fail. You’re their advocate, their biggest fan and the person who is going to be there for them when they fall. Be there and make sure they know it.

  1. Children need a good bond. There is no point in planning a family that you won’t be there for. Creating a bond with your child that they can rely on is vital for their growth. Establishing a family culture and a secure feeling of togetherness can make your children realise that they can always fall back onto you when in times of sadness. Investing the time that you can take with your children will be so good for them to know how deeply you value their company. Children are smart and they can tell when they are a nuisance; don’t make them feel that way.
  2. Always be the parent who is real. Don’t give them false hopes for the future or for their grades at school. If they are falling behind, don’t tell them they’re doing amazingly well because all it does is make them incorrectly secure. Instead, show them where they are going wrong and guide them to the right path. You are their parent and while it’s nice to have an ego massage occasionally, all you would be doing is making them falsely confident. They can see through a lie and you should look them in the eye and tell them they’re amazing where it is deserved.
  3. Did you know that children value memories as much as parents do? Take photos of the fun. Make sure that why you do, you are in those pictures with them. It doesn’t matter if your hair is greasy or you have a spotty face. The bags under your eyes don’t need photoshop. Children need to remember you as you always were and don’t forget, they love you no matter whether you look exhausted and without makeup. Snap photos of their kindness with others. They may get embarrassed, but one day you will have your photos to look at while your children are grown and out of the nest.
  4. The best thing you can do for your children, other than feeding them and clothing them, is celebrating their uniqueness. Each child in your family has their own personality and appreciating the personality they have and not comparing them to each other is the way to be. Never expect them to be a person that they are not. Parents always build castles in the sky for their children, but that doesn’t mean your children have to live up to your expectations. The only thing you can ever expect is kindness, love and affection from them and that’s more than enough.

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As a parent, you will be judged. You will be looked at and people will see how you parent and form an opinion about you. The best thing to do is just go about your business with your family and focus on loving and appreciating them in the best way you know how to and ignore anyone who wants to pass an opinion on how you do things. Being a parent and finding the balance with your children is not easy, but it’s a learning curve for the whole family. You never stop evolving as a parent but as long as you are showing your appreciation for your children and who they are, you won’t make a mistake. They won’t ever think you don’t love them, they’ll know that you are there for them and that’s exactly what they need from you. Appreciating your children sometimes takes some effort, so make the time and be the best parent you can be.

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