Top 3 Party Ideas for Boys Sweet 16

Boys Sweet 16 Party

If your teenage boy is turning sweet 16 then we know the struggle involved with throwing him the best possible party. 16-year-old boys are not always the easiest children to keep happy and that can be true when trying to plan a fantastic party to celebrate this big milestone. Therefore we have put together a list of our three favourite birthday party ideas in order to ensure his birthday is one that he, and his friends, will never forget.

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Garden Party

With the summer months upon us, we can’t ignore the allure of a good old fashioned summer garden party. If your child is lucky enough to enjoy his birthday over the summer months then why not organise the party in your garden. Garden parties are a great idea for noisy and rowdy teenage boys, just make sure that you are around to keep an eye on them and warn the neighbours in advance. You can organise a BBQ, which is always a winner with boys, and put on a spread with lots of finger food. As garden parties don’t really need a huge amount of decoration you can afford to focus more on the food, the music and making sure the boys have a really fantastic night.


Paintballing is at the top of the list for most teenage boys. However, it is only around the age of 16 that it becomes an activity that they can actually get involved in. Therefore if you think your child would love running around in a forest playing out his favourite top combat video games then paintballing could be just what you are looking for. Look for a local company like, Delta Force Paintballing who will be able to talk you through what is involved in the game. A lot of paintballing companies will also let you organise a lunch and a party on the grounds too so this is also worth looking into to avoid having to look for a second venue to feed those grumbling tummies.

Sports Day

If your son is passionate about a certain type of sport then you can organise a party that revolves around his favourite activity. If he loves skateboarding then why not hold the party at the local skatepark. Invite all his friends along, ask someone to video your son and his friends pulling off their best skateboarding moves, make or buy a skateboard cake and organise some picnic food. Make sure that you organise with your local council that you can have sole use of this space for a few hours. Of course, the sociability of a skate park will mean that no one is excluded and that everyone can still gain access, but it will mean that you can spend some time getting the area organised and prepared for the afternoon or evening ahead.

Perhaps your son is more of an all round sports boy so then why not organise a lightly competitive sports day in the park. Again offering picnic and finger food and refreshments for the boys you can organise a whole host of different sports to get the boys involved in a super fun afternoon of sports, laughter and a little healthy competition.
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