June – 1 Day 12 Pics

1 Day 12 Pics

I’ve had a rubbish week, health-wise and because of that, I’ve missed some of my 366 photo challenge days so I don’t have a weekly photo post to do today. I do, however, have my 1 day 12 pics photos to share with you and I’ll start my ‘photo a day for a year’ challenge again from tomorrow!

For those who don’t know, 1 day, 12 pics is run by @emmadaviesphoto on Instagram. On the first Saturday of each month, you take a photo every hour until you’ve taken 12 photos.
I really enjoy joining in and have set a reminder on my calendar for each month so I don’t forget!

A mug of black coffee and The Red Dragon book by Thomas Harris

#1 – I like to start my morning off by reading while I’m eating my breakfast and having a coffee

A page in The Red Dragon book by Thomas Harris

#2 – An hour later and I was still reading!


#3 – I finally put my book down and went out to help Ant in the garden. I was pleased to see some foxgloves that I’d forgotten we’d planted last year, had started to flower 🙂

Peach leaf Curl

#4 – I wasn’t so pleased to see that the peach tree we planted when moved in has got a disease called leaf curl. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to save it 🙁

Watching Gogglebox

#5 – We watched one of our favourite programs while eating lunch – Gogglebox is ace!

Mini Dairy Milk Daim egg

#6 – Back out in the garden and I found an egg in the grass after Ant had mowed, from the Easter egg hunt earlier in the year!

Half way there!

Mug of coffee

#7 – Coffee break after some hard work in the garden!

Bostik bloggers craft box

#8 – The girls will be pleased to see the Bostik Bloggers monthly craft box has arrived when they get home tomorrow!

A mug of coffee

#9 – Another mug of coffee, relaxing at Nanny’s while Ant mowed her lawn 🙂


#10 – Jealous of the mother in law’s lupins….mine never grow because something eats them before they get a chance!


#11 – Having a treat!

Pinterest garden design ideas

#12 – We’ve started work on the garden today, properly! We’ve been making half-hearted attempts but today we actually got cracking and got quite a lot done.
I’ve been browsing Pinterest for some inspiration!

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