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1 day 12 pics

1 Day 12 Pics January 2020

I’m going to try to remember to join in with 1 day 12 pics each month. I’ve not had much success in previous years but I’ve actually created draft posts for each month this time so hopefully, I’ll manage all year!
So I go with my 1 day 12 pics January 2020/

1 – running a bit behind today cos I totally forgot and didn’t hear the reminder.
We’re off shopping to Home Bargains and the farm shop #buylocal

On the way to Home Bargains

2 – I only went in @homebargains for a 12-week food diary for £1.99!

Home Bargains receipt

3 – Number 3 – We love the shop at Spinney Farm. We had the best tasting satsumas and clementines from here and have now decided we’re going to get all our fruit and veg from here.

Spinney Farm shop

4 – 2 egg Omelette with 2 veggie sausages (2 syns), left overcooked cauliflower, mushrooms and 1 HEA cheese portion.
Totally on it this week 

Slimming World omelette

5 – catching up with Derry Girls Bake Off

Great British Bake Off New Year with the Derry Girls cast

6 – planning next week’s #slimmingworldmenu

menu planning - 1 day 12 pics January 2020

7 – relaxing for a bit with an online jigsaw

1 day 12 pics January 2020 - online jigsaw

8 – recipe for dinner tonight #slimmingworld

Slimming World easy chicken curry recipe

9 – visiting Nanny and Chichi 🐶

Chichi the dog

10 – trying gel polish for the first time using a kit I got for Christmas from my daughter, Ella 😊

Gel nail varnish - 1 day 12 pics January 2020

11 – first try at gel nails didn’t turn out too badly!

gel nails

12 – watching Big Fat Quiz of the Decade with the hubby 😁

1 day 12 pics January 2020 - Big Fat Quiz of the Decade

February 2019 1 Day 12 Pics

For those who don’t know, 1 day, 12 pics (#1day12pics) is run by @emmadaviesphoto on Instagram. On the first Saturday of each month, you take a photo every hour until you’ve taken 12 photos. Here are my photos from the first Saturday in February 2019

February 2019 1 Day 12 Pics

February 2019 1 day 12 pics 01 - snowing, finally!
Photo 1 – Finally, it’s snowing in Lincoln 🙂

February 2019 1 day 12 pics 01 - reading Harlan Coben No Second Chance
Photo 2 – the 4th book of my 2019 Goodreads challenge

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - still reading
Photo 3 – Still reading

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - the snow has gone
Photo 4 – the sun is melting the snow 🙁

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - ella's cake
Photo 5 – Ella made a cake for our pudding tomorrow after Sunday lunch

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - Sudoku
Photo 6 – Took a break from reading to do a sudoku puzzle

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - finishing my book
Photo 7 – Finished my book just in time to get ready to visit Nanny

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - Peter May book The Lewis Man
Photo 8 – This is my next book for my Goodreads Challenge

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - mocha coffee
Photo 9 – enjoying a mocha at Nanny’s

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - Watching Ghost Whisperer
Photo 10 – Watching Ghost Whisperer with Ella. I’ve seen them all before, but it’s her first time and we love watching them together 🙂

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - beef and aubergine bake Slimming World dinner
Photo 11 – Ant made beef and aubergine bake for our dinner

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - Breyers Delights ice cream
Photo 12 – Delicious, low calorie ice cream 🙂

1 Day 12 Pics January 2019

Well, I failed my first 1 day 12 pics of January 2019! I’ve been trying to pack away Christmas all day and because I was so busy and because I was doing much the same job all day, sometimes I forgot to take a photo and sometimes I didn’t really have anything to photograph!

I managed 10 photos I think and I’ll add them to the post tomorrow because right now, I’m just too tired!

1 Day 12 Pics January 2019 – 1

1 day 12 pics January 2019 - first coffee of the day
First coffee of the morning and I’m trying not to think about the huge task I have ahead of me. It usually takes a couple of days to pack Christmas away and I can’t be bothered to start!


excel spreadsheet for my boxes of Christmas decorations
My excel spreadsheet to help me keep my Christmas boxes organised


Christmas storage boxes
Some of our Christmas storage boxes


Watching Who wants to be a millionaire
Taking a break while we have lunch and watch Who wants to be a millionaire?


another coffee, this time in my winnie the pooh mug
Another coffee, this time in my Winnie the Pooh mug


candles burning
These candles I had for Christmas smell wonderful


Christmas decorations made by the children
I found a tin of Christmas decorations that the children have made over the years. I’m keeping them safe because they’re all too old to be making things like this in school and college anymore!


the Christmas tree is still up
I didn’t get around to the tree. I did manage to pack all the kitchen Christmas things away, though 🙂


starting a new cross stitch kit
Going to do the rest tomorrow and tonight, to help me relax, I’m starting a new cross stitch kit. This is a stamped kit and it’s the first time I’ve tried a stamped one. It takes a little getting used to but I think I’m going to enjoy doing it.

1 Day 12 Pictures – Project As And When

1 Day 12 Pictures

1 – The first of my 1 day 12 pictures is a certificate Kaycee received for excellent effort in some of her subjects at school. We’re very proud of how hard she’s working at her new school.

1 day 12 pictures


2 – I received a £50 book gift card. If you read my blog at all, you’ll know how much I love books. Which means you’ll know how excited I am to go and spend £50 on books! I’m taking it on holiday with me so we can go book shopping!

1 day 12 pictures

3 – The girls have spent the morning tidying the bomb site that was their bedroom! This is the rubbish they’ve removed!
They still need to vacuum the carpet, but the vacuum cleaner keeps playing up. I think it’s time to buy a new vacuum cleaner, again. I do not have much luck with them at all!

1 day 12 pictures

4 – Ant bought me a wax melt warmer before Christmas last year. I hadn’t found a wax melt that I loved until I ordered this one from Tesco. I’m a bit sad that it’s a limited edition. I’ll have to stock up!

1 day 12 pictures

Late Mother’s Day Gift

5 – Kaycee made this for me at school but she had planned to paint it and didn’t get it done in time for Mother’s day. She wasn’t going to give it me because it wasn’t finished but Ella brought it down and gave it me without Kaycee knowing! I told her it was perfect as it was.

1 day 12 pictures

6 – I spent last weekend finishing this book. I loved it. I’ll be writing a full review soon.

1 day 12 pictures

7 – Time for an afternoon snack!

1 day 12 pictures

8 – I’ve bought a new diary because my other one was a bit small. I spent half an hour transferring my old one to my new one and I did some more blog post planning.

1 day 12 pictures

9 – We went to visit Nanny for an hour.

1 day 12 pictures

10 – My syn allowance on Slimming World is 25 but I’ve not been doing very well so I planned my menu for the week and dropped my syns to 15.

1 day 12 pictures


11 – Ella came to relax and watch something on Netflix after her busy day cleaning her room and helping her Nanny with the polishing.

1 day 12 pictures

12 – Kaycee came home and joined Ella. They watched Once Upon A Time. They’re on season 3 now and I think they’re both a little bit addicted to it!

1 day 12 pictures

June – 1 Day 12 Pics

1 Day 12 Pics

I’ve had a rubbish week, health-wise and because of that, I’ve missed some of my 366 photo challenge days so I don’t have a weekly photo post to do today. I do, however, have my 1 day 12 pics photos to share with you and I’ll start my ‘photo a day for a year’ challenge again from tomorrow!

For those who don’t know, 1 day, 12 pics is run by @emmadaviesphoto on Instagram. On the first Saturday of each month, you take a photo every hour until you’ve taken 12 photos.
I really enjoy joining in and have set a reminder on my calendar for each month so I don’t forget!

A mug of black coffee and The Red Dragon book by Thomas Harris

#1 – I like to start my morning off by reading while I’m eating my breakfast and having a coffee

A page in The Red Dragon book by Thomas Harris

#2 – An hour later and I was still reading!


#3 – I finally put my book down and went out to help Ant in the garden. I was pleased to see some foxgloves that I’d forgotten we’d planted last year, had started to flower 🙂

Peach leaf Curl

#4 – I wasn’t so pleased to see that the peach tree we planted when moved in has got a disease called leaf curl. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to save it 🙁

Watching Gogglebox

#5 – We watched one of our favourite programs while eating lunch – Gogglebox is ace!

Mini Dairy Milk Daim egg

#6 – Back out in the garden and I found an egg in the grass after Ant had mowed, from the Easter egg hunt earlier in the year!

Half way there!

Mug of coffee

#7 – Coffee break after some hard work in the garden!

Bostik bloggers craft box

#8 – The girls will be pleased to see the Bostik Bloggers monthly craft box has arrived when they get home tomorrow!

A mug of coffee

#9 – Another mug of coffee, relaxing at Nanny’s while Ant mowed her lawn 🙂


#10 – Jealous of the mother in law’s lupins….mine never grow because something eats them before they get a chance!


#11 – Having a treat!

Pinterest garden design ideas

#12 – We’ve started work on the garden today, properly! We’ve been making half-hearted attempts but today we actually got cracking and got quite a lot done.
I’ve been browsing Pinterest for some inspiration!

1 Day 12 Pics – January,  February,  March


February – 1 Day, 12 Pics #1day12pics

I love taking part in emmadaviesphoto 1 day, 12 pics photo project on the first Saturday of every month.
I tried to compose some shots this month instead of just documenting what I was doing on the hour, every hour! I’m quite happy with a couple of the shots 🙂

Ingredients for beef and mushroom stroganoff - 1 day, 12 pics


– The ingredients for beef and mushroom stroganoff going in the slow cooker


Book and No. 1 Mum teddy bookmark - 1 day, 12 pics


– Morning reading while the girls watch shows such as Sam and Cat, The Thundermans and others that I’m sick of seeing over and over again!


Packet of strong white bread flour - 1 day, 12 pics


– Ant’s baking bread


Lady of Hay book and a mug of coffee - 1 day, 12 pics


– Ant took the kids to the dentist for a fluoride treatment and left me home because I had a bad back and was starting with a headache. It was a nice, peaceful hour.


Ingredients for pizza toasted sandwich - 1 day, 12 pics


– I made ham and mushroom pizza toasted sandwiches for lunch


Fruit and yogurt - 1 day, 12 pics


– My syn free Slimming World snack


Kaycee, baking - 1 day, 12 pics


– Kaycee loves baking


Homemade bread being sliced


– Ant’s lovely bread


Chi Chi the Shih Tzu - 1 day, 12 pics


– We visited Nanny and Chi Chi


Ella at Asda - 1 day, 12 pics


– We had to nip to Asda before dinner


Kaycee's chocolate cakes - 1 day, 12 pics


– Kaycee’s chocolate cakes


Beef and Mushroom stroganoff with mash, cabbage and brussels - 1 day, 12 pics


I started with beef stroganoff and I’m ending with beef stroganoff, mashed potatoes, cabbage and Brussels


#1day12pics – Instagram

When I get the chance, I like to join in with Emma Davies‘  1 day 12 pics on Instagram.

I had trouble posting them on time yesterday though because I forgot I’d switched wifi off on my phone when it was really slow in Asda and used my 4G instead. I left it off for days and used all my data! It doesn’t reset until the end of the month so I have no mobile data for now.

It runs on the first Saturday of the month if you’d like to join in 🙂

1 Day 12 Pics


Yankee candle
First ever Yankee Candle I’ve had; it won’t be my last! Love it 🙂


Close up of Ella
Good morning Ella 🙂


My little pony lunch box


Close up of part coloured colouring book
Love the colouring book I got for Christmas 🙂


Kaycee and ducky
Kaycee and ducky 🙂


Pasta, satsumas, yogurt and hot chocolate


Wreck it Ralph on the tv
The girls are watching Wreck it Ralph on the TV and I’m falling asleep!


Book and teddy book mark
Afternoon reading


Playing tri peaks
Playing tri-peaks and struggling to stay awake


Ella on her tablet
Ella’s signing up to take part in the big bird watch with the RSPB 🙂


Low fat fryers search on Google
I really need a low-fat fryer so I can have proper tasting chips!


Close up of pork steak and vegetables
Pork steak, carrot, swede, cauliflower, onion and mushy pea gravy for dinner 🙂 #slimmingworld #swdinner


Paddington Bear DVD
Can’t wait to watch this with Kaycee 🙂 #paddingtonbear

Seems I miscounted and took an extra photo!

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