Photo a day March 12th to 18th

March 12th to 18th

March 12th Owl glass

12th March – I’ve been using my new owl glass daily. I love it!

Ella and Kieran

13th March – Ella and Kieran

Menu board

14th March – Our weekly menu 


15th March – Kaycee

Frog spawn

16th March – Woohooo we have frog spawn 

Hot chocolate and jaffa cakes

17th March – I needed a chocolate fix today. All within my syn allowance, I’m happy to add!

James Herbert Ghosts of Sleath

18th March – I started my third book of the month today. I haven’t read this much in years and I’m really enjoying it 🙂
James Herbert is one of my favourite authors. Some of his books have really scared me and it’s not easy to scare me with a book!


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