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photo a day challenge

Photo a Day Challenge – Failed already!

Photo a day Challenge

I’ve failed already. This must be the worst result of the 4 times I’ve said I’d do the photo a day challenge! I took photos on New Year’s Day but I forgot all about it yesterday.
I’ve decided not give up at the first hurdle. I’m going to make my year start today instead of on the 1st January!

I was planning on taking a picture today but I’ve had a migraine all day. I didn’t go to work at the charity shop this morning because of it.
I’ve had a quite a few different painkillers today trying to get rid of it and it’s finally going. This has helped me decide what photo to take today!

photo a day day one January 3rd 2017

Photo a day – April 16th to 22nd

April Snow

April snow


Yes, it’s April snow. It snowed more than it did in the whole of December, here in Lincoln but it had all gone within a few hours!

Awakening by S.J. Bolton


I’m enjoying my 3rd book in April, Awakenings by S. J. Bolton. I only started it on the 15th.

Awakening by S. J. Bolton


Fastest I’ve read a book this year; less than 100 pages to go.

Agatha Raisin and the quiche of death by M. C. Beaton19th

I finished ‘Awakening’ this morning and started the first in the Agatha Raisin series of books by M. C. Beaton.

Slimming World SAS log


A disappointing result at Slimming World so I decided to do a log this week to help keep me on track.

Spring flowers


Spring flowers 🙂

Fishing net and jar

22nd – Ella keeps going pond dipping in our nature pond in the back garden. I LOVE that she can do this in her own garden. I used to spend hours at our local ponds with my friend, Lucy, catching tadpoles 🙂

Photo a day March 19th to 25th

March 19th – 25th

Slimming World Breakfast March 19th

19th March – I’ve been trying to get back in the habit of taking a photo of my meals for my Slimming World diary. It helps me stay on track and remember what I’ve eaten so I don’t forget any syns I’ve had.

Slimming World Breakfast

20th March – Sweet omelette with fruit and yogurt for breakfast. This is all syn free and delicious

Weekly menu

21st March – Weekly menu. We’re looking forward to the chicken and bacon risotto

Spring flowers

22nd March – The spring flowers are out and they’re so pretty 🙂

Ella watching a 3D movie

23rd March – Ella’s watching Coraline in 3D


24th March – I found more Ella selfies 🙂

Frog spawn

25th March – The tadpoles are growing :oD

Photo a day March 12th to 18th

March 12th to 18th

March 12th Owl glass

12th March – I’ve been using my new owl glass daily. I love it!

Ella and Kieran

13th March – Ella and Kieran

Menu board

14th March – Our weekly menu 


15th March – Kaycee

Frog spawn

16th March – Woohooo we have frog spawn 

Hot chocolate and jaffa cakes

17th March – I needed a chocolate fix today. All within my syn allowance, I’m happy to add!

James Herbert Ghosts of Sleath

18th March – I started my third book of the month today. I haven’t read this much in years and I’m really enjoying it 🙂
James Herbert is one of my favourite authors. Some of his books have really scared me and it’s not easy to scare me with a book!


Photo a day – Feb 6th to 12th

Feb 6th – 12th

Feb 6th - beef and mushrooms stroganoff ingredients

I took part in the #1day12pics on Instagram and this was my first photo


Bostik Easter craft items
The girls love getting the Bostik Bloggers craft box 🙂


Slimming World Jelly Sweets
I had a go at making some Slimming World sweets.

They were not a success!

Cookery books from the charity shop
More charity shop purchases!


Slimming World jacket potato and mixed vegetable topping
Under that delicious topping (which was mushrooms, bacon, celery, pepper and onion in a cream cheese sauce for 2 syns) was the most wonderful jacket potato I’ve ever had. I could have left the topping off and just eaten the potato plain, it was that nice!


Ella's new puppet friend
My friend at Slimming World gave the girls this puppet. Ella adores it! It’s hanging in the kitchen to stop the strings from getting tangled. It makes people smile when they come in!


Ella's Stonehenge model
Ella and daddy worked over a couple of weeks in the evenings, on a Stonehenge project for Ella’s homework. She was really pleased with how it turned out and they both enjoyed the time they spent together 🙂
TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky


Photo a day – 1st to 9th January

I’m giving the photo a day challenge another go. I’ve tried about 3 times I think, but only managed to complete it once so I’m hoping I can do it this year 🙂

1st January

Kaycee and Ella with sparklers on new years eve

Kaycee and Ella loved going outside at midnight with sparklers 🙂

2nd January

Slimming world goals for January

My Slimming World goals for January

3rd January

Christmas all packed away for another year

Christmas all packed away for another year 🙁

4th January

Playing Crazy 8s with Ella and Kaycee

Playing Crazy 8s with Ella and Kaycee

5th January

Kaycee reading Mary Poppins at bedtime

Kaycee had Mary Poppins book for Christmas and started reading it to us at bedtime 🙂

6th January

Slimming World friendly lunch

Getting back on the Slimming World train

7th January

Ella ready for her shower, wearing her Frozen shower cap

Ella getting ready for her shower, wearing the Frozen shower cap that she had for Christmas

8th January

My, nearly all gone, cherry vanilla Yankee Candle

My Yankee candle Christmas present is nearly all gone 🙁

9th January

My mum and grandmother at my mum's 60th birthday party

My mum is 60 on the 10th January. She had a birthday party today and I got a snap of her with my lovely grandmother who I’ve always called Nan-Nan 🙂

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Photo Challenge – November 9th

November 2nd – Checking out wallpaper at one of my favourite shops, B&M!


November 3rd – He said the tiling should be done soon 🙂


November 4th – Kaycee’s working on a badge for Brownies and had to make a sandwich for herself, Ella and Aiden


November 5th – Ant’s new toy! We were sent it to review and he loves it! Can you believe I chose to have the helicopter delivered rather than a new handbag? No, neither can I!


November 6th – Tiling all done, woodwork and walls painted 🙂 All that needs doing now is the new floor and the kick boards on the cupboards. They’re planned for tomorrow 🙂


November 7th – Well the floor isn’t being done until next Monday now so he said I can get all the stuff unpacked and put away. I was so relieved to be able to cook properly again!
November 8th – Comfort food on a dull day….pasta and sauce with Cumberland sausages, mushrooms, onions and peppers. All syn free with the cheese as my healthy extra (I’m following slimming world for anyone who doesn’t know about syns and healthy extras!)


Photo Challenge – October 5th

September 28th – It’s been a year since Jack died (Kaycee and Ella’s step grandad) and it was an emotional day, especially for Nanny and Kaycee.
Kaycee and Jack adored each other and Kaycee is still going through the grieving process. She has a photo of him in her room and she sometimes just sits and looks at it.
Both girls made a card for Nanny and Kaycee wanted to get her some flowers.
September 29th – Aiden doing laundry. For a 13 year old boy, he does quite a lot of chores and for most part he does them without moaning 🙂 He helps me loads and I appreciate his help so much 🙂
September 30th – It’s been a bit windy and rainy but the weather wasn’t going to stop Kaycee going out on her bike!
October 1st – Ella and daddy having cuddles 🙂


October 2nd – Chi-Chi had the dog groomer round and now looks at least half the size she did before!


October 3rd – A close up of some of Nanny’s flowers she received on the anniversary of Jack’s death.


October 4th – I love these mushrooms in Nanny’s garden. I’ve taken quite a few photos of them because they just make me feel all autumn-y!


Photo Challenge – July 13th to 19th

13th – We spent the day at Nanny’s working in the garden and the girls had great fun playing with the sprinkler we put on to stop the new grass from dying.

14th – Another hot day in Nanny’s garden but thankfully she has lots of trees so I’m able to work in the shade all day 🙂

15th – I treated myself to this weeks Amateur Gardening magazine and before I had chance to even open it, I dropped in it a puddle of water. It’s really not easy reading a sopping wet magazine but I persevered!

16th – Ella got her first badge from Rainbows. It was for completing the Royal Baby Challenge and she loved sewing it on herself (with a little help from me!). She was disappointed however when I had to tell her that when the rainbows leaders said the royal baby was coming soon, it didn’t mean Kate and William would be bring the baby to rainbows to visit them, it just meant that the royal baby would soon be born!

17th – An exciting development in Nanny’s garden is the addition of a summer house that she’s bought for the girls for their birthdays at the beginning of August but shhh, don’t tell them yet because it’s a secret!
Ant’s busy right now painting it light blue and cream. He’s creating a grass area all round it, the seed he put down the other day is already starting to grow and he’s also creating a circular shaped flower bed for them to plant their own flowers 🙂

18th – I’m nearly done with the first part of the path. The wavy middle bit was easier than I thought and I’m quite pleased with the bends!

19th – I went to watch Ella’s assembly today so I could see her collect her S.E.A.L. (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning) award.
I have to say I’ve never been to a school assembly where the children sang Abba songs as the opening songs! It was brilliant 😀


Photo Challenge July 6th – 12th

6th – My first ice lolly of the summer 🙂 I buy them for the kids all the time but I’ve not had a cherryade flavoured ice lolly since I was a kid and I really enjoyed it 🙂
7th – I bought a new hoover in February and last month it started smoking. I’ve not been able to use it since. I took the top off to replace the belt and found that the roller no longer goes round and looks like it’s been worn away. I’m now waiting for Electrolux to send me a new one. I hope it doesn’t take too long because my stair carpet is crying out to be hoovered!
8th – Kaycee got her first badges at Brownies tonight and we had to sew them straight on!
9th – I’m sure you all know little Chi-Chi by now 🙂 We’ve had her this week while Nanny’s started on her packing ready for her move to her new house next month.
10th – The kids all got some books sent for them to review and so far they’ve all been given the thumbs up. Ella and Kaycee started reading them the same day and they both keep picking them up to read at various times of the day rather than just reading at bed time 🙂
11th – A few years ago Ant bought me a miniature rose for valentine’s day and every year, without fail, it gets just one single rose on it. I love it 🙂
12th – It’s my birthday and I’ve over indulged in cake and takeaway and chocolates and I’ve enjoyed every mouthful 🙂


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