7 Weeks to Christmas

7 weeks till Christmas

7 weeks till Christmas and the Christmas CDs have made it off the shelf and into the cd player :oD

My stepdaughter bought me the Nashville Christmas cd and I absolutely LOVE it! Kaycee wasn’t very impressed when I put it on and she fetched the one she wanted to listen too.
We spent story time last night, singing to Christmas songs :o)

Ella put her Rudolph onesie on and a Santa hat to really get herself into the Christmas spirit! She got really excited when she got the Santa hat out because it had been stored in the same box as the Christmas candles and it made the hat smell all Christmassy!

We’ve watched a few Christmas movies and Ant’s had a little moan each time he’s come home to find us watching another one; he keeps telling us it’s only November!
I love that the girls want to watch the Christmas movies as much as I do :oD

Ella asked me last night if Daddy likes Christmas. I said he does and she replied, ‘he’s just not crazy about it like you are, is he mum?
She makes me smile ;O)

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