Christmas Activity Advent 2015

Snowman snowing gif Christmas activity advent 2015

Christmas activity advent 2015 – We’ve done a Christmas activity advent since 2011 and the girls look forward to it every year now. Aiden’s not so keen this year, but that’s only to be expected as he is 15!
Ella was a bit disappointed when he said he didn’t want to take part so he’s agreed to do a few 🙂

I have to admit, I do enjoy finding new activities to do each year.

Last year I put each activity in a little envelope, but Ella’s asked if I can do them as little scrolls again like I did the first year.

So, here is our Christmas activity advent 2015 🙂

  • Tuesday, December 1st – Make a Christingle
  • Wednesday, December 2nd – Make cinnamon swirls for dessert
  • Thursday, December 3rd – Sing Christmas carols at bedtime
  • Friday, December 4th – Crafting using the stuff in the wicker basket
  • Saturday, December 5th – Put the decorations up 🙂
  • Sunday, December 6th – Wrap presents
  • Monday, December 7th – Write a Christmas poem
  • Tuesday, December 8th – Make Nanny’s Christmas cookies
  • Wednesday, December 9th – Write the Christmas cards
  • Thursday, December 10th – Have dinner by candlelight
  • Friday, December 11th – Write a Christmas wish and hang it on the tree
  • Saturday, December 12th – Make paper lanterns
  • Sunday, December 13th – Go to Nanny’s party!
  • Monday, December 14th – Make placemats and decorations for Granddad’s special dinner on the 17th
  • Tuesday, December 15th – Write a letter to Father Christmas
  • Wednesday, December 16th – Make jelly baby Jesus cakes
  • Thursday, December 17th – Make a special dinner for Granddad
  • Friday, December 18th – North pole breakfast
  • Saturday, December 19th – Pyjama day and watch Christmas movies
  • Sunday, December 20th – Have a picnic by the Christmas tree
  • Monday, December 21st – Make cinnamon ornaments
  • Tuesday, December 22nd – Record your alternative Jingle Bell songs
  • Wednesday, December 23rd – Make ice cream sundaes
  • Thursday, December 24th – Throw a party

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