39 today! :D

It’s the last year of being in my 30s. I’m 39 today and I thought I’d be sad and upset like I was when I was at the end of my 20s but I must have matured because I’m not upset at all about turning 40 next year 🙂

I was so upset at no longer being in my 20s that on the day before my birthday, I had to stop myself from crying on more than one occasion.
I look back now and wonder why I was so silly!
I’ve been spoilt today, as usual 🙂
My wrapped birthday presents

My super wonderful husband bought me an Eye-Fi card for my camera so that I can transfer the photos wirelessly to my iPhone 😀

My best friend, Jo, bought me a fairy light for the garden and some Ferrero Rocher, that I shared with the family.

Kaycee bought me the birdcage planter and Ella bought me the boot planter. Aiden bought me two lovely candles to go on the dining table on the patio.

My stepdaughter and her boyfriend bought me a Gorjuss Ruby wallet purse. I’ve wanted the handbag and purse ever since doing a review for Flamingo Gifts. I got the little coin purse from Flamingo but I wanted the wallet purse so I could keep notes and cards together with my coins.

My mother in law bought me 2 water lilies for the pond. Talking of the pond, we had a frog in the stream the other day. I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo but I was super excited!

My father in law bought me a Nashville cd. I have 3 now, only 4 more to get (until season 4 is made and they release another 2 cds!). Nashville is my favourite TV show and I LOVE the music. I’ve got the Christmas Nashville cd on my wishlist and I really can’t wait to listen to it at Christmas!

My stepson, Jervais, bought the lovely meercat garden ornament. Meercats are so cute and garden ornaments are always a big hit when it comes to gifts for me 🙂

The lovely Jackie, who I do the weigh ins with at our Slimming World group bought me the Joules skincare set. They smell so gorgeous 🙂


My unwrapped birthday presents - 39 today

It’s becoming a tradition for my beautiful Kaycee to make me a birthday cake. She’s a brilliant cook and I really enjoyed a big slice of this cake or two!

Kaycee holding my birthday cake - 39 today
I’ve got a present to look forward to from another of my stepsons and his lovely girlfriend and my mum forgot to send me the card from her so I also have that to look forward to. She makes really nice cards, I can’t wait to see what design she’s done this year 🙂
I’d like to thank everyone on Facebook who has taken the time to send me a birthday message today. It was lovely to log on and see so many birthday wishes 🙂

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