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Happy 18th Birthday Aiden

Happy 18th Birthday Aiden :o)

Happy 18th Birthday Aiden

I’m in denial. It’s not possible that I’m now the parent of an adult, an actual 18-year-old! I really can’t believe that I’m here today wishing my first born child a happy 18th birthday! I know I’m using too many exclamation marks but I can’t help it!
Our wonderful, kind, caring, gentle son is now an adult and every time I think about it, I start to feel old!

Happy 18th Birthday Aiden

We love you more than words can say, Aiden and we hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend at your dad’s.
I know you’re not keen to have your photo on the blog now you’re all grown up but today you have to make an exception just for me.

I have to post this photo of you and your caterpillar cake, that you specifically asked for when I asked what kind of cake you wanted :0)

Aiden's 18th birthday


Aiden's caterpillar cake with the candles lit

aiden blowing out the candles on his caterpillar cake


Happy birthday Ella

It’s your birthday! :o)

Happy birthday Ella. You’re 9 now… did that happen so fast?! It seems like just yesterday when you were turning 8!
You usually have a joint party with Kaycee but now you’re both getting older, you’ve decided you want to do your own thing with your own friends so, for the second year, you’re having separate parties.

happy birthday Ella

You’re currently upstairs with your friends and Kaycee, getting dry after spending a fun hour in the pool together.

It sounds like you’re having a really lovely time (not mentioning the arguments you and Kaycee can’t seem to stop having!) and I’m happy for you that your friends were able to come, especially as your birthday falls in the month most people are away on holiday!

You’ll be having a takeaway later and watching a movie then having cake and ice cream 🙂

When everyone’s full and the movie is over, you’ll all be painting your nails, putting peel-off face masks on and taking it in turns to soak your feet in the foot spa.

You’ll probably stay awake far too late, chatting and giggling away and making wonderful memories!

We love you, beautiful princess. Enjoy your birthday, enjoy your party and don’t eat too much cake!

Happy birthday Ella



39 today! :D

It’s the last year of being in my 30s. I’m 39 today and I thought I’d be sad and upset like I was when I was at the end of my 20s but I must have matured because I’m not upset at all about turning 40 next year 🙂

I was so upset at no longer being in my 20s that on the day before my birthday, I had to stop myself from crying on more than one occasion.
I look back now and wonder why I was so silly!
I’ve been spoilt today, as usual 🙂
My wrapped birthday presents

My super wonderful husband bought me an Eye-Fi card for my camera so that I can transfer the photos wirelessly to my iPhone 😀

My best friend, Jo, bought me a fairy light for the garden and some Ferrero Rocher, that I shared with the family.

Kaycee bought me the birdcage planter and Ella bought me the boot planter. Aiden bought me two lovely candles to go on the dining table on the patio.

My stepdaughter and her boyfriend bought me a Gorjuss Ruby wallet purse. I’ve wanted the handbag and purse ever since doing a review for Flamingo Gifts. I got the little coin purse from Flamingo but I wanted the wallet purse so I could keep notes and cards together with my coins.

My mother in law bought me 2 water lilies for the pond. Talking of the pond, we had a frog in the stream the other day. I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo but I was super excited!

My father in law bought me a Nashville cd. I have 3 now, only 4 more to get (until season 4 is made and they release another 2 cds!). Nashville is my favourite TV show and I LOVE the music. I’ve got the Christmas Nashville cd on my wishlist and I really can’t wait to listen to it at Christmas!

My stepson, Jervais, bought the lovely meercat garden ornament. Meercats are so cute and garden ornaments are always a big hit when it comes to gifts for me 🙂

The lovely Jackie, who I do the weigh ins with at our Slimming World group bought me the Joules skincare set. They smell so gorgeous 🙂


My unwrapped birthday presents - 39 today

It’s becoming a tradition for my beautiful Kaycee to make me a birthday cake. She’s a brilliant cook and I really enjoyed a big slice of this cake or two!

Kaycee holding my birthday cake - 39 today
I’ve got a present to look forward to from another of my stepsons and his lovely girlfriend and my mum forgot to send me the card from her so I also have that to look forward to. She makes really nice cards, I can’t wait to see what design she’s done this year 🙂
I’d like to thank everyone on Facebook who has taken the time to send me a birthday message today. It was lovely to log on and see so many birthday wishes 🙂

Birthday BBQ

The girls have a joint party every year. Kaycee’s birthday is on the 2nd and Ella’s is on the 8th. This year we had a birthday BBQ for family and friends.

Kaycee also had friends for a sleepover the night before her birthday and Ella’s having friends sleep over on her birthday on Friday. I was dreading having all those girls in one place but thankfully it wasn’t too bad!
They didn’t go to sleep until around 11pm (well they went quiet at that time, whether they were actually asleep is anyone’s guess!) but apart from that they were all really lovely girls, very well behaved and had excellent manners 🙂

It was lovely seeing everyone at the BBQ and the girls had a great time 🙂 I didn’t get many photos because until the candles were ready to be lit, I totally forgot to even pick my phone up. I have to admit that even though I missed lots of photo opportunities, I don’t regret it because I spent time actually talking to the guests and enjoying myself 🙂

KayCee at her birthday BBQ, blowing out the candles on her cake


Ella at her birthday BBQ with her birthday cake


Ella looking at her birthday cake



It’s my birthday!

Well, there’s less than an hour left of it but it’s been a great day 🙂 I’ve spent most of it laying more path at Nanny’s house and it was lovely and warm without being uncomfortably hot. I’m really pleased with my path laying abilities! I’ve started on the curve and I was dreading it in case I got it all wrong but I found it surprisingly easy and love how it’s looking.

It was a very relaxing day and I really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

I’ve been spoilt as usual 🙂


Kaycee made me a surprise birthday cake. She pretended she was making it for daddy! She did it all herself, even putting the tins in the oven (I took them out) then instructed Aiden and Ella how she wanted it decorated when it had cooled!

It was delicious 🙂
For dinner we had a takeaway. I’ve not had one for months and I really enjoyed it but I reckon after nearly a year of being on Slimming World my body isn’t used to all those calories in a single meal and I’m now feeling bloated, sluggish and extremely thirsty.
I’m going to have be extra careful with my syns for the next few days seeing as I set myself a target of a 2lb loss this week!
I’m off to bed shortly but I had to share my happy birthday from Google. Probably everyone on the planet knows about the Google birthday message but I didn’t and I have to admit it made me smile when I saw it!


Happy Birthday to me!

I’m 36 today.

The other day, KayCee asked how old I was going to be on my next birthday. The number that came out of my mouth was 37.
Somehow, it didn’t sound right and having to think so hard about how old I actually was only reinforced the fact that I’m getting older! I’ve never forgot my age before so it has to be a sign, right?!

Anyway, I have to admit to being stupidly happy that I wasn’t going to be 37; I know it sounds silly but 37 was too close to 40 for my liking!

Back to my actual birthday, I got spoiled as usual. The kids bought me a pink buddleja and they all made lovely cards. KayCee thought it was really funny to put a pound coin in the card from her! I told her I’d buy an ice cream with it 🙂
I had a gorgeous orchid and a box set of Dirty Sexy Money from my father in law.
My step daughter and her boyfriend bought me and REO Speedwagon cd and one of my stepsons bought me an Ally McBeal box set.
My mother in law bought me a lovely plant called Little Princess. I can’t wait to get my new plants in the garden 🙂
My present from Ant is being delivered tomorrow* 😀 I’ve had a lovely relaxing day and would like to thank everyone for my presents, cards and birthday wishes 🙂



*Ant bought me a game I’ve had on my Amazon wishlist since it was released 🙂

Happy 12th Birthday, my wonderful boy

The years are flying by; going much to fast for my liking! My wonderful boy is 12 today and probably like every parent out there, I ask myself, how did time go so fast?!

The girls were more excited about him opening his cards and gifts than he was! As he was opening a card, Ella said, ‘I know it’s not mine but I’m so excited to see how much money is in his card’!

They all loved his chocolate birthday cake and want some in their lunch boxes for school tomorrow 🙂




Today’s 365 photo 🙂


Wasn’t sure which to pick because I love Sunday’s picture of KayCee and Monday’s picture of Ella’s writing but in the end, my wonderful boy turned 12 this week so it had to be this one.
Just one more year till he hits the teenage years *shudder*!

Edit Aril 1st 2013
I’m adding this post to the Magic Moments linky as it was my boy’s last birthday before becoming a teenager; a new chapter of his life starts in less than a month 🙂


It’s my birthday – I’ve been spoilt again!

My Birthday

birthday cakes

I’ve had a lovely, relaxing birthday 🙂

The kids brought my presents down first thing this morning and the girls were really excited!


Ella opened the present from Nanny (Beautiful perfume by Estee Lauder) and the present she had wrapped for me (a cherub planter).
KayCee opened the present she had wrapped for me (cherub planter #2). Aiden, being 11 now and not as excited about other people’s birthday’s as the girls are, let me open the gift he bought for me (Greatest Ever Mum CD). They all gave me a hug and kiss 🙂

Ant surprised me by coming home after dropping the girls off at school, instead of going straight to work and put more memory in my laptop for me 🙂

Not long after, Grandad came bearing gifts! He bought me Monty Don’s complete gardener book. Kellyann and Ian bought me a flan dish and a DVD.
Everyone got me gifts from my amazon wish list……I love the universal amazon wish list! 🙂

Thanks to everyone for all the gifts and cards. I’ve really enjoyed my day 🙂

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