Happy birthday Ella

It’s your birthday! :o)

Happy birthday Ella. You’re 9 now…..how did that happen so fast?! It seems like just yesterday when you were turning 8!
You usually have a joint party with Kaycee but now you’re both getting older, you’ve decided you want to do your own thing with your own friends so, for the second year, you’re having separate parties.

happy birthday Ella

You’re currently upstairs with your friends and Kaycee, getting dry after spending a fun hour in the pool together.

It sounds like you’re having a really lovely time (not mentioning the arguments you and Kaycee can’t seem to stop having!) and I’m happy for you that your friends were able to come, especially as your birthday falls in the month most people are away on holiday!

You’ll be having a takeaway later and watching a movie then having cake and ice cream 🙂

When everyone’s full and the movie is over, you’ll all be painting your nails, putting peel-off face masks on and taking it in turns to soak your feet in the foot spa.

You’ll probably stay awake far too late, chatting and giggling away and making wonderful memories!

We love you, beautiful princess. Enjoy your birthday, enjoy your party and don’t eat too much cake!

Happy birthday Ella



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