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tricky words to spell

Kaycee’s always had trouble with her spelling. She’s always loved reading and is a brilliant writer but she doesn’t like not being able to spell so I bought her some cards from Amazon to help her.

Tonight at bedtime, instead of reading, I did a spelling test for Kaycee and Ella and we had great fun 🙂

Ella finds spelling much easier than Kaycee and that sometimes makes Kaycee feel worse. It’s horrible seeing her upset about it. I really want to help her confidence as much as her ability to spell so we’re going to work on 12 words at a time and we won’t be moving on until they’ve both learnt them.

I read the words out and the girls tried spelling them. Then after we’d checked how they’d done, we used three words to make sentences for them to write, for example, The precious stone tasted delicious to the vicious dinosaur.
They loved it and want to work on their spellings again tomorrow 🙂


One thought on “Tricky words to spell

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    What a great idea….Good luck! I am useless at spelling!

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