Dear Diary – It’s Christmas at our house!

Dear Diary – I’m just so rubbish at keeping a diary! I think I’ve missed a couple of weeks now.
I even set a reminder on my phone but instead of snoozing it, I switch it off meaning to do the post soon after but then I get distracted!

Dear Diary – The decorations are up!

Anyway, the usual things have been happening here, Christmas preparation for the most part. We’re doing a story advent as well as our activity advent and the usual chocolate advent calendars.

Book advent and activity advent - pop-up book called Hurry, Santa, Hurry! and the activity is to make paper chains

First Real Christmas Tree

We put the tree up on Sunday, our first ever real tree 🙂 and the garlands yesterday then today I had to take everything off the tree and redo it because the two sets of lights that Ant warned me wouldn’t last, didn’t last!
Some of the bulbs weren’t working and I thought they’d be ok but when I unplugged them last night before bed they both refused to come back on.

Dear diary - our first real Christms tree


Fireplace decorated and lit with fairy lights


The tree lit up at night


The fireplace lit-up at night


Tree and fiereplace lit up at night


Nutcraker ornament


Mantel decorated

First Snowball Of The Season

My Christmas officially started when Ant made me my first snowball of the season while we were decorating the tree.
Ant making me a snowball while we’re decorating has become one of our traditions. The kids get one as well. Snowballs were the only alcohol we were ever allowed to have when we were children and it was such a treat when my dad would make us one.
Now our kids are going to have the same memories from their childhood that I have from mine, well Aiden and Ella will, Kaycee doesn’t like snowballs!

First snowball drink of the season

Christmas Jumper

Ant’s now allowed to wear his Christmas jumper again 🙂 I took it off him when he kept wearing it in January this year and now he’s trying to tell me it’s not Santa on the front, it’s a Scottish leprechaun!

Ant wearing his Santa jumper

Well, I think that’ll do for this week. I’ll try and remember next week but I’m not promising anything!


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