My new Christmas tree :)

My New Christmas Tree lit at night

New Christmas Tree

I love my new Christmas tree!

Love it, love it, love it!
I reckon this must be the best tree I’ve ever had. The shape, the fullness, the quality, it’s all wonderful.
I’ve been sat here, waiting for the girls to come home from school and I’ve just been admiring my new tree from Christmas Tree World.

Needle Branches

The branches had needles instead of the tinsel branches you get on cheaper artificial trees. The needles on the tree feel like soft rubber which helps keep the ornaments from slipping off. It was lovely not to have to bend the branches around the hooks to keep the ornaments on!

Because the tree is so full, it took Ant and me quite a long time to open up all the branches. It was really worth taking the time, though, as it’s a lovely shape once it’s all opened up.

New Christmas Tree in the daytime

Tree Decorations

Every year since our children were born, we’ve bought them a tree decoration and they’re getting a nice collection each now 🙂 We let them decorate the tree, only really helping with the lights. I love seeing their excitement when they get their tins of decorations out and start putting them on the tree.

Because our new tree has so many branches, the decorations have been spread out more and you can see them much better.

Decorating Tips

For tips on decorating your tree, check out this useful blog post from the people at Christmas Tree World

Last year I wanted a real Christmas tree as I’d never had one. I had all these idealistic visions of walking in the room every morning and being greeted with the Christmas tree smell they always talk about in the movies.

Our tree didn’t smell. At all! It was smaller than we were used to and high maintenance because I had to keep remembering to water it!

Suffice to say, I won’t be buying a real tree again. Our new one is much nicer than a real one could ever be :o)

Decorated Christmas tree


I think this tree is going to last for years to come and I can’t explain how happy that makes me. Christmas, as you may know, if you know me at all, is my absolute favourite time of year and to finally have a Christmas tree that I really love, makes me happy 🙂

Please note: I was sent a tree in return for an honest review.

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