Nearly better!

As some of you may know, Ant and I both started with a stuffy nose and sore throat during the night last weekend. We woke with horrible headaches, runny noses and tickly coughs.

It’s taken all week for us to finally start to feel better but unfortunately, the nighttime symptoms are still keeping me from a decent nights sleep.
Here’s hoping we’ll both be all better very soon because I’m a bit fed up with it all now if I’m totally honest!
On a lighter note, our beautiful babies came home today after just over a week away with family in Derbyshire. Kaycee’s happy to be home because she wants to help with the packing, she loves projects like this where she has to organise things 🙂
She cooked spaghetti bolognese for our tea tonight (I just had to help with the spaghetti, she made the sauce) and we spent a lovely evening eating in front of the tv (we can’t at eat the table for a while because it’s full of boxes of packed stuff!) watching Mary Poppins 🙂
At bedtime we all took a turn at reading then got the camera out and had a bit fun with Ella’s moshi lamp she got for Christmas then with a Bokeh app I downloaded!








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