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Photo Challenge 24 – Guilty Pleasure


January 24th 2013
Prompt – Guilty Pleasure
List of prompts I’m working from this month 🙂
I can’t help it!
I get sucked in every time, even when I try not to! I did manage to stop the addiction for a few seasons when it first moved to Channel 5 (I vowed I wouldn’t watch it without Davina!) but I got hooked again when I watched a launch night Celebrity Big Brother last year, just to see, out of curiosity, who was going in and that was it, hooked again!
On a totally different subject…..I just noticed the family photo frame on the mantel and I’m ashamed to say it still contains the picture of the fake family that it came with it when I bought it almost  a year ago *hangs head in shame!*
Guess I’d better find a photo this weekend and finally put a proper family in it 🙂

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